From spring to autumn that year came this year from that day to this day I embrace the pipa would just like water that ineffable Acacia rest of the world that you love that you poured your sweat over the place I would like bare hands I can not go broke on the way to save the earth since the fall of the heart planted the love you share the earth to open up the lute from the flowers love your heart ripples sea bird made of water Oh I just guarding Acacia not cry years removed you are a stubborn loose flowing time you are a fan of the Red voyage hometown CD you’re beautiful you have to play a handful of earth pipa que Everlasting Regret I can not move my lute echo of water will began pouring down Acacia rain never thought there is a world you never thought about this life that you might meet a lute I do not know where to put it is appropriate Weiyang night obsession heart I want to fly notation to collect a silent Longzhu the water pipa wind, blowing off the strings of rain, wet sound of the piano column changed Qingshang pan-yellow figure my season’s flowers Tu Mi how can be so cruel how can such a light wind, rain rolled stringed beads Pipa jade plate with the wind and rain has turned into a pond