Five Taoist legend was first site, “Dao” in the Wutai Mountain, said to have built the Purple Palace Purple Palace mountain temple.When “Qingliangshan records,” said Manjushri Buddhist beginning to Aurora (ancient Indian people called China as Aurora), living in the stone basin cave, and stone basin in the Taoist view Xuanzhen, indicating that this was the Taoist Mountain is the squat.         Buddhism was introduced into China initially, only a few people pursue.Two years BC, the month of the big country (indigenous ethnic minorities in Xinjiang Ili River Basin in western China, the country established after the westward migration in Central Asia) king’s messenger came to existence in Iraq was the Chinese capital Chang’an (now Xi’an), he dictated to a Buddhist disciple named Dr. Jing Lou, this is the Chinese history books on Buddhism was introduced into China’s earliest records.         Wutai Mountain Buddhism was introduced, the common argument that began in the Eastern Han Dynasty.Historical records, Yongping years (AD 67) in December, Emperor Ming sent messengers to seek Western law with two Indian monks Kasyapa Matanga and Zhu Falan came to Luoyang.         Yongping eleven years in the south west of Luoyang Yong Okimichi outside of the construction of a monastery for two main Indian monk living in honor of White Horse by negative ( “四十二章经”) lose like (Buddha) of power, because name White Horse Temple.         Yongping eleven years, Kasyapa Matanga, Zhu Falan came from Los slow Mountain (then called Qingliangshan).Because the mountains very early Ashoka stupa, plus Wutai Mountain is Manjushri taught speech and a place to live (according to legend Emei is Samantabhadra, Putuo Mountain is a Bodhisattva, Earth Store Bodhisattva Jiuhua Mountain is played teach and a place to live), he wanted to construct a temple two, but because the Taoist Mountain base area, he squeezed two popular Han Ming Di Zouzhi.According to the “national history old news” Volume 502 contains: “Fourteen years Yongping fifteenth day of the first month, Emperor Ming Zhu set in the White Horse Temple priests, and the Matanga, Zhu Falan two Cypriot Law”.The two sides reached an agreement – by the burning period about to do the authenticity (according to legend, by the burning place in today’s Xi’an burning by Taiwan).The results by the burning of Taoist scriptures burned all the Buddhist scriptures but has not completely burned, the right temple of his two.Taiwan Uchiyama and more wide rivers, where appropriate temple?”Qingliangshan” contains: “the big tower on the left, there is Sakyamuni Buddha left footprints, its foot six inches long, six inches wide, one thousand wheel relative, fingers are now.”.According to legend, he found only two of this footprint, but also found a “relic”, together with the camp fong because of KIWI mountain, extraordinary weather, and India Vulture Peak (Sakyamuni Buddha ashram) similar.Since these three reasons, it was decided to construct a temple here.After the completion of the temple, the temple to Yamana – Tamawashi Temple.Han Emperor Ming Liu Zhuang in order to express a Buddhist, is added to the “big Fu” (ie Hongxin meaning) the word, so the full name of the temple is completed, called the big Fu Temple Tamawashi.Fu Tamawashi large temple is the predecessor of today was through Temple.Since then, China Wutai Mountain Buddhism became the center of a large Wutai Fu Lingjiu Temple in Luoyang White Horse Temple, the oldest temple in China with.         Northern and Southern Dynasties, the development of Wutai Mountain Buddhism appeared first climax.Emperor Xiaowen of the Temple Lingjiu be larger expansion, and around the construction of a good scholastic, homes and other real capacity of twelve monasteries.Northern Qi Dynasty, Wutai Temple soared to more than two hundred seat.To the Sui Dynasty, Emperor Wen has ordered five units in the construction of a temple roof.That Wanghaisi east of Taiwan, Southern Taiwan Puji Temple, West Temple Taiwan Farley, northern Taiwan Ling Ying Temple, Temple teach in Taiwan play.Wutai Mountain is also because of Manjushri played teach place, so that all five sets on top of the temple dedicated to Manjusri, but five Manjushri Buddhist name is completely different: Dongtai Wanghaisi for smart Monju, Southern Taiwan wisdom of Monju for Puji, West Taiwan Farley lion Temple for Monju, northern Taiwan Ling Ying Temple for Paradise Monju, education and Temple in Taiwan play for children Monju Ru.Since then, the people who come to worship Mount Wutai, must go to the top five Taiwan temple worship, called toward Taiwan.At this time in the name of Wutai Mountain has appeared in large numbers in the Northern Qi Dynasty historical records.         Tang Dynasty, the development of Wutai Mountain Buddhism emerged second climax.”Hua-yen notes,” contains: “Since all nine Emperor Taizong to Corrections (AD 627–805 years), everyone tilting Mountain, mindful sacred land, Yuzha tink, every five light.Can not remember noted.”During this period, according to” Ancient Cool Biography “the whole mountain as many as three hundred temples, monks than 3,000.At this time of Wutai Mountain is not only one of the famous Buddhist mountains, and is truly a Buddhist shrine, known as the first of the four major Buddhist mountains.         Development of Wutai Mountain Buddhism, has not been easy, Northern Wei emperor Taiping Zhenjun seven years (AD 446 years), Yu Wen Yong Jiande three years (AD 574 years), the Tang Emperor will take five years (AD 845), after significant Chai Germany for two years (AD 955), the so-called “three Wuyi Zong”, because they are not a Buddhist, had destroyed four major Buddhist country many Buddhist temples were damaged, Wutai Mountain is no exception, almost all the monasteries were burned and exhausted, leaving only a remote temple Nanzenji.Later, Tang Xuanzong although Daxing Buddhism, Mountain due to badly hurt, difficult recovery.To the Northern Song Dynasty, the desks, the only remaining temple outside the station seventy-two.Song Taizong, Shinshu Buddhist and Ren.The three emperors left on the Mountain “Double Dutch Jade Sapporo” amounted to three hundred eighty multiaxial.Yuan and early Ming Mountain temple building have restored.         Ming and Qing Dynasties, Wutai Mountain Buddhism re-invigoration of the emergence of a third climax.Each of the Qing Dynasty emperor, were believe Buddhism.Kangxi, Taiwan was still pregnant, shoot a tiger River and Southern Taiwan and other places build the palace, the monastery once every two or three years will.The same is true until after Jiaqing middle age, no longer continue Qianlong.Republic of China, there are still men and women donate money to build the temple.According to the 1953 establishment of the “Mountain heritage protection” to the investigation, Taiwan and outside Taiwan, the table top, the audience Green Temple, 99 seats, yellow temple twenty-five seats, a total of one hundred twenty-four ( “Mountain guide,” a book, there are 124 temples in the name of the table).Before the Sino-Japanese War, usually in winter Mount Wutai Buddhist monks and nuns there are a thousand people, two thousand people in summer.After the Japanese occupation of Wutai Mountain, many monks and nuns fled, Wutai Mountain Buddhism sudden decline.1946 Mountain after the liberation, this world-famous Buddhist mountains really back in the hands of the people.1952, government grants for the refurbishment of monuments Mountain.1953, and formally established the Mountain monuments protection, focused on temples and monuments in maintenance and repairs.In this regard, the Mountain Ethnic Affairs Commission and the Committee of Religious Affairs, made great efforts.Mountain makes the vicissitudes of history, “the old man”, now can be a new attitude, new look to meet Chinese and foreign tourists come here especially.