Part One: breeze shook and the fall, he was so confused.Struggled for a few months, the courage to toss gone, people pour a little haggard.Heart is so heavy so heavy, overloaded the.If the memory can be like clear chat history, it is not would not be so tired?Is not that a waste of memory?There is more room to load the next accident.Home, everything seems to escape my refuge.It is for this dismal box empty house, I give the place a man quietly alone.Although the night often think of those superstitious fear of what appeared outside the window suddenly something and could not sleep, drove to embolden music.He closed his breathing, listening to every tiny sound.But still enjoy a happy man.There’s nothing interfere with your mood, no loud noise.Cicadas and crickets at night there singing a different tune, a fixed melody in repeated singing, occasionally mixed with several more frogs.If a band singing a song to sing one hundred tire of, is this not a pleasure?  The next night the wind slightly cool, country night sky so clear, starry night with no margin.May is particularly attractive, no wonder Chang E will be flying to the moon, not because of Wu Gang, not because Hou Yi, because basking in the gentle home.Tree leaves began to slump, falling from time to time to see a shadow, as if to hear the sound of its landing, it said: “This is the fate, life can not be violated, I would rather.I would rather into Chunni dedicated to the earth, and then for losing my torso.That is samsara, and sacrifice will harvest.”Sultry autumn, autumn countryside so quiet, late at night, I could hear the wind’s breath, which then demands:” How lonely I was, I was eager to be understood, leaving only the night, accompanied by.”So it’s hard whistling, trying to turn things wake up call sleep.More trunk swaying swing, but all things sleep and did not wake up the desire of wind.  Looking at the stars, more and more deep, more difficult to see through.How high is the sky in the end?The stars are not like fireflies have a luminous tail?The stars will not be lonely?I guess it should not be, it has accompanied so many stars, though separated by distance, but they sent a bright, able to see one another.  Let me lean sitting on a stone bench, counting the stars, to a person’s night bring a little bit of fun.At this time, the city is the lanterns, but the country has long been seen lights.  Suddenly think of a child played with a lot of things that sting, and it is called “cocklebur”, the name is unfamiliar to many people.We always like to throw the hair cocklebur to someone else, which would tightly wrapped.Especially girls keep long hair, they always lose.Cocklebur story.Wrap, is a lifetime, even if already yellow.Cocklebur Unlike cactus, prickly pear you pick it will only return empty-handed, no, it should also bring back injury.Cocklebur you pick it, it took on a life of it, sad cocklebur can only be dead in the country, and then be burnt to make wild.No one put it away, it is so urgent hope.  Breeze blowing gently, late at night, although still not so sleepy.This vast wind pity me, and said: “You go to bed!Thank you for a night’s companionship.I’d like you to blow away countless emotions.”Shake, goose bumps, hair standing on end.Farewell to the “good night to the wind!You Sweet dreams, dream you are not alone “Part Two: that time of the evening breeze unintentional contact with one word – ‘breeze’, the evening wind.Imagine a thin breeze blowing, and sketched out the string of a string of memories.  When the primary school, a time when the sun moves to the west line of the hills, on one side of the setting sun dyed golden road home, including eastern side of the Hills.Thirty-five group of students, all the way to frolic home, although some home but they can play a few hundred meters from the rice fields to the creek on a slope or more.Remember, the night before the best-known is the joy of those birds and insects, and occasionally I will learn to model, but may always enjoyed it too far.  One can see the fields busy day began to go home with a satisfied also with weariness, laughing a few cigarette smoke on a good mood.The distance, through the corner of Sunset prosperous branches, you can see the number of road clear optical path.Occasionally encounter a buffalo head covered in mud, trying to drive away the tail tossed Gadfly, while the owner was not pay attention to a couple bites of grass.  Back to home, most of the time adults are not back, went home side of the mountain like fruit ground.Look at the long tail of birds in the branches on top of the jump, to see how much it will have litter.Day of citrus trees will carefully observe the sinking, the largest orange has not changed big, very careful touch, peel the orange peel imagine that kind of excitement.In the spring, always thin just to see if transplanting bamboo shoots to grow.  The mentality of a child, and now can not find the total, the share of thin aftertaste heart belly full of fun enriched.Qian think of the sentence: life is purely for life!    Part Three: breeze quietly sitting in front of the window, the night after the rain Qing Tian was actually satisfied at the slightest breeze pleasant.I have never truly believed it will enter into the small room through the window to.So, with its gently soothe moment.Distracted mind it will be easier to open, “struggling” with the rejection of the past abandoned accumulate in stagnation between the heart, trying to find enough wind memorial happy memories.  Perhaps the soul has long loved the countryside closer to nature.Because there is always and everywhere be able to find a free and easy breeze clear shadow.Or faint fragrance of grass in his mouth, or emit a faint fragrance of the soil, or the joy of singing insects Ming Dangqi.This unique tenderness, Floridian easily wipe away the residual strength of character in the mind of a weary, wash away all the pent-up source, recall the face of his voice, the eruption should be a source of confidence.This is not a detached, wonderful “enjoy” it!Rapture, the things have already gone with the wind very numerous and far, far away.”Indifferent to Ming, Calm Heart”.At this moment of quiet, sober with Che Chi to the ancient sages realized that life was more open-minded, far-reaching.  Drunk in the evening breeze, the Wu in the evening breeze.This is not a moment’s thought burst indulgence, nor insincere described white, but after years of baptism perception of the meaning of life.Otherwise, this “drunk” But the skin of touch honestly, this “enlightenment” is just emotional understanding of.  ”The winds blowing in the high places, to stand for a moment it.Because winds will scrape off the excess, that part could hold us, and that we are often regarded as the most beautiful part of them to show off.”No matter what position occupying, of where the overall objective environmental impact more or less to the subjective thinking, and often easy to contribute to the formation of some kind of difficult to get rid of the notion of desire.Therefore, we also had lost, know how to use normal state of mind living in “contentment” the reality of ordinary life has meaning.Only know that in the interests of competition is worth showing off in hot pursuit of fashion.Ever since, the forest for the trees, quick success, so all sorts of unscrupulous “Fever” will no longer full of deeply conscious mind as.Does not this require breeze whistling it?!Let it blow away a muddy, a reason to return.Unfortunately, nightlife Network!Across from the stop in downtown or suburban machine roar it has been difficult to appreciate the true taste of the breeze, which is called the modern rhythm right!Complicated communication between the bustle, busy seeking to among the jumbled affairs.All this tension, suppression stuffy atmosphere toss is what kind of cell it?Epiphany Department should have a more profound insight.Things knower Zuxin often cheerful, people seeking to free itself from light.Quietly look for open party, the peace of the land it.Step in the evening breeze freshened, has become a habit of thinking in the “chronic illness”, together with that of physical and mental exhaustion will therefore find solace and relief from the body hold up to the breeze of the common people also harbor the idea because it would – for natural close by to close slowly!  No sleep tonight, because Qing Tian after the rain dressed immersed in the breeze brought their hearts, thoughts such as hemp scattered on the breeze blow like crazy Amoy Luk illusory, let a little soul profound peace, a thorough wake up to reality, at the time with such affection, rational singing: breeze focus whisk Su Chen, Conscience intends to straighten the body.  When the party lost time realized the tired, ordinary plain has become far more real!    Part Four: gentle breeze blowing across the moonlight mid-spring night, in the moonlight quiet, gentle.Moon Shadow the night of shame habitat romantic note, the night breeze swaying willow, Shurun the sea melody, Yuet Wah, such as washing the midnight romantic tenderness fill in liuyin sea, the happiness sprinkling dream.  So dream on were more subtle and warm, you beautiful decorated shadow Shu moonlight tonight, the next month you warm thoughts Ottawa more ripples in my heart.  Wind melodious crooning month under the moonlight Qing Yun, moon and stars are full of excitement with midnight tenderness, there is a ray of mind sees the next month secluded swim in the quiver of shadow of the moon, the meditation with Mo Spring Bay decisions of Acacia suddenly one thousand diarrhea.  Looking forward to your familiar figure, gazing you faint, your charming smile, your gentle under that moonlight, the wind gently slanting, crisp itch month.Stirring occasionally hear the sound of the sea, far from the fright of your dough deep eyes, gently wiggle months the night under gentle Fengying month.  Sea breeze, sea breeze blowing ripples, waves from a March Shiba, spread out a circle.Yo lake, reflection of the willow shadows, shadow drift.  Do not turn around?You are still in!Behind you will moonlight tenderness, satin, tonight you gently elegant footsteps also whether sounded at midnight?Night aftertaste, lamented hoot’s heart, looking at an empty night, enjoying the moonlight charming.  Quietly sitting under a willow beach, watching the waves hit the shore, looking at the distant lights, like a long “a” word toward the horizon, no end, still in the moonlight night a gentle, suddenly a meteor across the sky, but for the glory of the night sky leaves bright.  The one thousand knot placed tenderness love affair tonight, standing TV drama look back to the warmth of sound, that of a gentle.Tonight moon will not dim, your tender will be dressed as tender and passionate world of juvenile children like warm and lovely, full of bright smile.  Under a willow, moonlight slowly stretch your shadow, a land of gentle, Banpo The Magic, sweet and warm.    Part Five: Tonight, the evening breeze gently blowing “Tonight also blowing wind, think of Hello gentle, you have your day exceptionally easy.Just as you have been waiting for me. “.Accompanied by sweet music, Tsai Chin’s “intimate love” flows from the ears, flying in the blue sky curtain occasion, long far.In still a student, I want to hear Tsai Chin’s songs, that with a gentle, husky, worry lonely, sad, seductive voice, often to listen, always touched the hearts of the share of sadness.Love is not, reveals a deep voice: tolerance, gratitude and compassion, but with an infinite sense of loss, a sense of loss, he also full of the sort of Zen, because there is love, so tolerant!I can not help but think of that sentence Eileen Chang, “because she knows, so compassionate.”!  Tonight, the breeze blowing gently, stretched out his hands aloft, the wind blowing through from between the fingers quietly but with feelings of silent, falling face, hair brushed take along, suddenly what kind of want to hold impulse, forced to grip, but nothing to hold.I can not help but relieved, the more we want something original to seize, the more can not be appropriated.The time, like water flow, from whom did not stay, and anyone can not be measured!Always when you least expect moments to quietly hurried to the interpretation of the meaning of life among this a go!  Tonight is a night person, has long been accustomed to such a night, but early summer night a little different, is still cool, quiet, quiet.Alone in the evening breeze, the summer thoughts tightly wrapped, as if all the hustle and bustle, flashing rainbow Ni, are in no way disturb the quiet at the moment, all the wind, the wind all!  Yes, when everything is gone with the wind, those special moments have become eternal!Another example is Margaret Mitchell, “Gone with the Wind” in that sentence: All are all gone with the wind yesterday, all after the storm left behind is the future.As we anxious hearts along the way, all the way to find, passing wind and rain, the sun came through the pull tie him stumbling, stumbled and fog, has been searching stare, but in a casual Looking back only to find, there is a personally have been waiting on our side, never go away!  Such as “walk” the poem written; through the hustle and bustle of pain / only realize what is / quiet happiness / dandelion walked beside / before the sentiment of love / And why spilling / May the sun came / Fang Ning pure green tea fine chemicals / emotions swirling all the way through / read will hatch into a rounded Kangoo / think of into dreamland / dancing quietly soaked atrium.Because through it, cherish it more, because through it, more well versed in all walked the streets, met people, they are due to a fate.However, so far still do not understand why Buddhists use the “edge” is the word to define the world of the case met all the people or things!  Tonight breeze blowing smoke I consider, therefore, quietly thinking, what is “fate”?I remembered the words of the Buddha, the Buddha said; “edge is; no trace of her thousands of crossing, the idea of what that person is in the dim light; edge is even sexual gratification, still can not escape the fate of the cut; edge It is, to do anything about, familiar to swallow to return; edge is experiencing five hundred years of wind, rain and five hundred, five hundred years the sun, just for a glimpse of that Review; edge is not the end of a strong fate; “wanted to come want to go, Buddha’s words are always right, because Foyi is someone who is also a silent crossing from the mundane world, the practice by the people; his insight, always in people may feel confused and in Huolang!To edge to edge, the origin of edge drop, raw edge off the edge, so the edge to!  Tonight the wind, for a month tonight, tonight I am still a man’s lone Manwu!”Tonight the wind still blowing, I think Hello gentle, there is exceptionally easy your life.Just as you have been waiting for me, this is my happiest moment!”Tonight” intimate love “accompanied by warm as yesterday, intoxicated like yesterday, like yesterday thinking into the solitude of the night, accompanied with the breeze blowing gently!    Part VI: floral breeze blowing that year guarding the window, watching the bright month of April, very cute – small, delicate..Placed in the mouth, but could not find a better term to express.  Milk under the cloud, month quietly too, like a shy little girl, renowned for strangers, I am sorry to leave hastily, but no place to put hand, had flawless clutching clothes, head down, stepping on small Scattered, after quietly hidden.  Today In April, the deep sniffing a breeze, the wind breath of spring grass tucked home – home just north of here, just as they agree to anything bitter tea, throat after penetrate a little touch of bitter, but a bit astringent.Probably after the “April Fangfei to do,” the air fragrant wind drifting over the grass right.  During the day a telephone call to his mother.Mother said, grape leaves, branches release, and evidently full live.- That was years ago when going home on the vineyard bought a lot of nursery seedlings, want to try to expand out of a garden.Friends said that the future results, do not all sold, leaving some do wine.Wine grapes made – I thought about how many times, and has also when young, his family was poor and embarrassed, I was trying to come in front of the vegetable garden, if a grape on replanting forests, which make money is more good things ah.  Of course, that is what I saw someone on the street selling grapes – grapes in July, although fruit and more, but I still see traders selling out of town.The number of traffickers money, even enviable – finger food poked hypertrophy of the tongue, and then kept Nianqi par, his eyes mixed dust on a hint, it was counting money joy mix slurry, applied in the corner of the eye.I swear I would still plant grapes, but this thing has been a dream.  Next year will be able results, and would like grapes in front of the stars in the sky, string of a string, one by one, shining.  Mother said, grape garden plot also house a lot of long shepherd’s purse, you want to give your home a bag of dumplings, we’ve already had a few back home.Speaking of dumplings, in fact, the mother knows what I like to eat the stuffing.  However, if such a night, eat supper mother package dumplings, it must be a wonderful experience.H is the mother eat dumplings, but when the holidays do not eat dumplings and eat what?Because fish do not expect, and there are vegetarian stuffing packets it is worth showing off a good meal.Once was the Dragon Boat Festival, the mother wrapped “Orecchiette” dumplings come.  Serve the dumplings, mother with a smile, of this stature, “Orecchiette” taste it?Father laughed off the question, my brother and two said in unison delicious.The mother said, that the two of you to eat more.This meal is really very fragrant dumplings to eat, I kept burping after a meal.But until the evening, and we’ve let the mother rest at noon to eat dumplings was opened riddle – that shepherd’s purse and stuffing are made of tofu.Because we are too greedy, Leng Shimo attention stuffing is doing.  I said to the mother, vineyard yard, long points shepherd’s purse, but also to satisfy their craving oh.  In fact, before the old house as well as the tree does make me greedy, – two years has been a big knot apricot apricot.Last year, I went back to the country in July.I see the big ripe apricot garden trees, doubts sons and two nephews kid how not to pick, do not eat greasy?I asked the mother to know these two brats do not like to eat apricots.  Hours, some students go to school with apricots, two pieces of paper can change a apricots.Some students tear the book to change, but I’m not willing to, because I do plaid bag only language this job and one of my father booked into the book after cutting white paper.And I saw my classmates say sour apricots, apricot, I actually did not eat his mouth raw acidic water.Of course, after years of Cao Cao saw that famous phrase – fancies, truly understand the effectiveness of this idiom in terms of a good thirst quencher.  Tonight, the night long.I was fortunate recollection, the memory of the great apricot aftertaste.  I am out for many years, little friend, always eager to encounter familiar friends, in a silence of the night, will be to bring home something to talk McCain a pass.In fact, McCain talk about this time, unrestrained, sometimes also referred to unrequited love unrequited love when a student, maybe a friend in such a night listening to me talk McCain should think I just miss the beauty of the story of the past, but do not think I’m too bored.  May the light faded, the wind is still blowing gently to my window.My father and mother should be accompanied by their grandchildren go to bed early it, of course, their son is still no trace of sleepy, still thinking about the past things happen.  In the past – those things long gone, and still only April, the flowers still.    Part Seven: I’m feeling faint breeze brings my colleagues and I went to holiday together tonight, in the mountains that environment is so pleasant.  I stood on top of the hill, the breeze blowing head, people feel a little cold, the river reflecting the incomplete moon, is so quiet.That was my mood portrayal, (a little cold, a little imperfect) looked at the foot of the mountain there is an impulse: to jump to feel that strange feeling.Whether the wind was so soft.  At that time I was thinking, what I want to in the end?I think in the end why?What I want?A series of questions emerge, ask yourself a little baffling.I wonder why there is this idea of it?I also did not answer.  Tonight they chat, while I feel the breeze brings my thoughts, the moon is so murky, with my temperament is subtle — a true story.I recently fell in love with this song, a touch of sadness, a touch of pain.In a man it is time to remember friends saying: you are to the company’s more than happy to still more painful?Yes ah, which in the end it will be a little more?At home, I am a person also asked myself this question, think about it, or did not answer.Perhaps only apply friend’s words: pain and happiness.gosh!  I’m not depressed mood, I do not have frustration, think of some small things will be touched for a long time.I was too sentimental, maybe yes, I never was such a person, in order to move the move should not be touched by the blind moved.Ha ha!  Breeze blowing, a flurry of thoughts, I was alone taste this early autumn evening to bring my feeling faint.    Part VIII: very few clear evening breeze, slanting like dust shutter case wander in the black night, weeping tears left in the city, turned to look back, Yuet Wah could be so witty euphemism.  - Inscription shadow prime cold heavy, light Xianlian curtain, smoked beginning of the night, the coldest month is go back, only Yuhan Hua Zhao cemented a gray line of the song.Dash rustling rain, wet already done eaves flower.  Silent night, the dream is young, the banks of River dust have been scattered in the mottled gap, winking flow paths crisscrossed flashed broken curtain.  Breeze blowing through drapes, Xu from the past.look back.Jinxi has been unbearable moon.Bustling ancient temple has been cleared Taihen.  The remaining months and wind.Frost alerted ear drop, cool thoroughly diffuse into the bone.Water passed away scattered, mottled quarter quarter moon flower summer.Only to end up a full eye Sparse breeze.  Xiaofeng.May residue.I’m on the other side, and so even mulberry Love.And so transparent that sad.And the man pear shed.  Still early.Han Ying Toru thorn, turned forsaken, oaths defend reincarnation, no longer rolling into the distance.You and you walk out, but like the horizon right close fingertip.I have with me, plain cold must do, see Aomi Kuwata has changed, no longer Review.  Love circulation, facial features had in mind at the beginning of light to Vanishing.I did not want to read.No longer lament, to me, only wish in my years alone reincarnation edge.  Dying instantly, instantly awake.I do not want to have obsession.Red smoke no more looking back, there is no longer set foot in your world.  Now that is recognized by the absurd, just let it fall disillusionment.No longer struggling, no turns, no longer meet again.For a moment even I do not want to rub shoulders.Only permanent, only lonely.  Moon Linxuan window.Erigeron isolated point, over the fingertips fleeting gaps, tilted into a fine strand annoyed.However, solitary whispers Liebo Voice.  Stir down, off squid.Come to an end, a land plaintive sadness, conceal Canhong moonset, scattered on the ground flowing, clear chord and a half months, pale night flying smoke, dust and the fleeting frustration.Remaining in one place Canhong.Into the next cycle.  Millennium reincarnation.Floating of years of vicissitudes, cold, wet haze blooming, only more than a gorgeous War.    Chapter Nine: whirling smoke, earth dawn breeze sigh, sigh things, tonight sigh, sigh circulation years, flashy sigh, sigh eternal life.  - Inscription swaying breeze Gigi Man Wu, broken down Bead rolls of tears, sad late autumn rope wanton chaos, the inability to salvage.Hazy night, clear outline, twist open the veil, do not give up easily, strange Love to float, to find graceful.  A long melody lingered in the valleys echo, a singing bursts of chatter convergence, recollections vicissitudes, entry way muddy road, draw a Road beautiful arc, gradually dilute further away, thousands of back wheels.  May the United States, less than the breeze heave, she passed the traces of the debut Road wisp of smoke, dissipated not shallow, one by one frown laugh chasing three years, between the freeze Love in troubled times.  Aqua southern rice flower, Cui between twilight moon dust, Yilian ups and downs, not recall the past, is to take driving miss mildly, the custodial farther.  Astringent flow, passing suddenly turn off angstroms color, pleasant thoughts, feelings and sorrow inexplicable loneliness, free cooling, as long for love Chi Lin like spread upward.  Whirling smoke, light, elegant and full meantime, Anxiang indemnity from the breeze blowing elegant, mysterious drop toe into the world and spread the volume of Hua Hin near the Provisional things, Looking back tonight, circulation sigh of years, flashy sights, offering eternal life.    Part Ten: autumn breeze just showered out, a cool breeze blowing from the windows, almost comforting to the extreme, there are no stars in the sky, only to see two lights at the top of distant television, like Like distant stars, eye-catching lights on the streets, flashing neon wind.  That stood outside the fence of a row of tall larch, as if my closest friends, sharing with me this autumn breeze.They stout straight trunk motionless, lush green leaves, waving in the evening breeze, slow dance, like most gracious gentleman, like a young woman of grace and luxurious skirt, softly, like a sunset afterglow, let people fascinated, fascinating.  This autumn breeze ah, blew unbearably hot summer, and early autumn blowing beautiful feelings.On the road, gossip, hand in hand walk, enjoy bathing in the cool evening breeze this.Young men and women, sweet embrace, happy to write the breeze in their hair; young couples, led the children, playing in the evening breeze, happiness overflows from the child’s face, the music from her mother’s face; middle-aged couples holding hands, relive the sweet and shy when first love in the evening breeze; elderly couple, accompanied catching, calm and calm pace, flying clothes have painted the color of youth, highlighting the fun in the evening breeze Note.Mercedes-Benz vehicle is also slow down, enjoy this breath of autumn breeze breath, go chase the pace of time.  This autumn breeze ah, blown away tension and stress during the day, blowing a pleasant and relaxed evening.This is the day, we have experienced many times conditioned, non-conditioned reflex, experienced numerous emotions, sometimes only in the heart, others simply do not know.We do one thing, the hearts of a trace of pleasure, been appreciated by others, added many happy; do a bad thing, while the hearts of remorse, timely remedy, still not understanding other people, but also adds many hearts guilt and anxiety, not to mention, there are many unexpected situations and extreme emotions, the day after, then opened the door, go out in the evening breeze in this autumn, enjoy the pleasant cool, sing “night wind across the field, “so that our hearts at ease and pleasure of writing in the wind.  This autumn breeze ah, blown away by the growing pains of yesterday, today also blowing endless thoughts.How many times autumn breeze, the mother ready for me new clothes, tidy new bag.Now, I have a mother, in the autumn breeze, the new clothes for his son to prepare, organize new bag.However, my mother, ah, she still worked hard for me, in such a cool early autumn, and she worried about me, do not forget to add clothes in time, do not let tonsils.A child, every time my tonsils, are high fever, and sometimes convulsions, mothers always worry about fear.Cool evening breeze ah, please give me long for my mother, let her rest assured, at ease, happy!  So really I want to have, in the wind walk, give your heart to it, the cool breeze this autumn.    Part XI: breeze as I have no time to think about, hurry down to the evening breeze as everything about.- Inscription Buddha said: green water worries, because the wind wrinkled face.  Evening Yan Cheung Ning Jingan Lake immersed in the green water, so I Qinghui sleeves, Midon the pace does not bring a trace of breeze, a bunch of Red, gingerly for fear of inadvertently disturbing chatter this exquisite fine wrinkles of Wanru girl Fang Yan lake.  Sunset afterglow no longer distribute ashamed to hide in the back of Aoyama’s Nannai, the breeze blows, thrown chilly Autumn.Westerly involved with strands of flowers Huoshao half that reflect into the water leisurely, street lights dim early stage but not the lonely Chennai also squeezed in, but fortunately, green water comfortably, happily telling piece reflected her visitors in the arms of her story.Willow sleeping in such a serene night, she had to witness under oath that the young Xu flow like water, like Wanru breeze had ordered it to this absurd.  After all, the lake is so calm, satirical between that frown, flickering shadows under an unconditional reflex that reaped, folded like a scene in black and white video screen, easily captured between shots, burn into a silent movie.In this dim season, scenes, playback with those who have enough to wet your sleeves.  Night deepened, numerous riding ring bluestone think this is a beautiful night Colorful accompaniment, Lake bamboo pavilion to empty them different from the past, from time to time when people can not help but flash and demonstrating fluorescence terrible things quiet lake, suggestive, do sentences man to muster courage from the hero to the fishing rod was floating buoy ironically looking nothing.L end of the month is taken anglers empty, but in May a sigh of quit.  Under trestle co Shaohua thin stream flows west.  Is often recalled first met the moonlight lake, rely on the forehead on my shoulder, that flow of the sea, that horsetail, that reflected the past.  As the breeze about, I had blurry eyes.  As the breeze about, gently blowing off the drops of water that desire.  I frowning brow, stretch in the evening breeze.I think all the memories will stay the course.  I made a black and white movie painted thoughts, through my eyes, refraction, reflection in the water.Aria along with that round, wake up the sleeping river, let the thoughts flow if.  The scenes.Such as about breeze, ripple worry that the green water, broken screens, in the moonlight, in the twilight.Buddha said: green water worries, because the wind wrinkled face; Castle is not old, snow-white head.  And I and the evening breeze, and winter snows, have agreed.