In fact, is nothing in the spring, only to open early April, actually become such a hot here – as to what is hot, I am afraid I am ignorant, not making a proper sentence Simile or exaggeration to describe it.So I can only try to think like a month ago.He first came to school, plus a shirt jacket, a little chilly, clear winter is not quite over.But after only four weeks, spring is quietly coming, then just say hello and quietly left the.    This hello playing good, that is, no matter how short it is spring.Open spring rain, everything recovery: all kinds of flowers are open, lightly scented floating in the spring air; a variety of trees are covered with lush green leaves, although no fragrance but equally pleasing feel, especially can make feel the significance of the upward spring.Lake bridge trees, lovers double into the right, walking in the campus.Interested in reading who is holding the book in the spring came around, as if searching for inspiration.    As the saying goes: “The spring”, although short-lived spring here, but it is, after all, came and brought hope and give people the courage to move forward.So, here’s transfer season suddenly seems to be a test.    A lot of people running on the playground, or a slow or fast pace, or anxious, or gently scrape.They have one thing in common, that is, in order to run their own speed, are constantly sweating, constantly wipe.Night-Benz body and dripping sweat or tears, telling the unyielding desire for a better tomorrow warm desire, to grasp the fate of Chen Syria.Those people, who do not want far beyond whom, no one wants to go beyond themselves and others.So keep pace forward, ever forward, regardless of the outcome, perhaps fall, and perhaps beyond, to fight one say.In fact, life is like in the trajectory path of the playground running, everyone’s path is unique, no one can repeat, no one can replace.Even the routes affected by someone else’s, but it boils down, that after all I am self-traveled road, which is independent of irreplaceable personal.    Italian summer full of wind winds back and forth on the playground, everyone dry sweat.Nightlife Network This is a spring-like silent joy.It’s like a hope of rain fell on the field of young seedlings body, then soon, green everywhere.    The memory of the rain have yo down, and drop in on the field, the sea, leaves, dry well.Everything rain children on the ground, so she will not hesitate to donate them hope and light.As long as we never stop running forward, never stop sweating, then the time will give us more than just the age of growing, there will continue to be strong belief that.    At the moment, the night could not see anything, but it knows that dawn is not far from the front.So the more the black night, everything flooded in the Cen Ning.Cold night in the rapid accumulation of heat, to be issued tomorrow as bright.Time like water flow go forward quietly, holding people struggle with hope, continue to have the power of dawn, and then to meet tomorrow’s bright red Cha purple, spring spring open.