Tengyun here two anonymous e-mail, although Qin Bo did not come forward to clarify, but Qin Ming Jue appears, is considered a basic articles of turned things; at the same time, Fearless had received anonymous text messages, Zhou Yu also followed the event on-site Liu visited the home and Chia, made a special trip to explain this matter.
  In case of Zhou Yu did not deny that they have got the key to immortality complete array, so will more times than others encounter danger.
  But in addition to the key, he did not conceal her that in other areas.
  Moreover, the so-called key itself has nothing to do with anything to live forever, or behind the scenes that people do not need to come up with so many things, as long as they directly address just fine.
  Although Zhou Yu insisted the event would not say what specifically, but Liu Chia home and have a good relationship with her, plus they were also Fearless, Fearless always know there are many secret is not suitable with outsiders, said no force her.
  Moreover, in case of Zhou Yu explanation has been perfect sense, you do not need to lift out of her hole cards.
  Therefore, in case of Zhou Yu is also the day very well, although she has been able to know it all so easy, so much they believe in themselves, it would be better to say that we have interests involved.
  On the one hand befriend her and Liu family,