Walk to the Red, holding a skim sun, bathed in the love poetry sea.Searched a ray of sight, wandering in the acquaintance, the rest in the beautiful first met.Looking back, long fleeting, not pour white head, a robe, put down Acacia.  —- Yun Ruer sparse stars, you stroking my hair, gently in my ear promise: “When I no care, and the king of wandering.”I smiled, watching your Smart Enron eyes, hugged you tightly.You speechless, lying quietly in my arms, enjoying the warm heart of happiness.  When the flowers are blooming, I take your hand towards the end of the gorgeous bloom.When the butterfly flapping wings thin, stay in your hair open, staring at me breathless, black hair are like you do on a beautiful ribbon.When the breeze came slowly, laden with the scent of flowers, I deeply silent, breathing the breath of this fragrance, quietly enjoying this beautiful season.  When the red maple leaves floated down, across my brow, unharmed unharmed ratio.Withered lobes, covered with a quiet trail, kiss the path I walked.You stop the pace, slightly bow body, picked up a debris petals and put my hands, my hands tightly folded.You Dian from the toes, softly whisper in my ear: “If the dependent flowers, flowers from the Mo phase.”I smiled, stroking your hair supple, gently kiss your forehead, the phrase beautiful oath, remaining in this warm lips Kaori.  The wind blowing my thoughts, thoughts flying like butterflies when I was still immersed in the beauty of the piece maple.Ding sound of water, disturb my thoughts.Crystal clear water of the lake, golden fish kept shaking body, interpretation of the beautiful dancing.You walked the pace of light, with immense excitement, walked towards the green side of the lake.You light Wan poured water, sprinkled on the ruddy face, happened to damp hair, crystal drops of water left in the sun shine, exudes bright light.Inter looked up, you wildly waved to me, and shouts my pet name, I would call to your side.My bare feet away, clean up a piece of rock, you dragged her pink canvas shoes.So, both of us sit rock, kept slapping the water with both feet, down from the layers of waves.You say that you are floating in the lake boat, and I will be your lifelong parking bays.I am speechless, tightly pulling your hand, you will be embraced into arms, quietly enjoying the gentle years.  In the twilight kiss the sunset, the mountains and printing a layer of red or flushed.Broken Bridge at sunset, leaving only a lonely old man’s back, as the sky cast a bright sadness.  Recalls mind wandering door, a long time refused to leave.When you’re lying on the bed, I quietly waiting on your side.Your eyes are red with tears blurred the line of sight, pale fingers, stroking my face.I grasp your hand, on my chest, your hands shaking, tears wet my eyes.You say, this life the greatest wishes, and my life is not to stay together.If you were reincarnated, I must do the most beautiful bride.I touch your forehead, wiping tears from his eyes as you said softly in your ear: “Baby, you’re my heart will always be the most beautiful bride.”You light skimming smile, eyes actually filled with frustration, frustration in his young life, about to be killed mercilessly disease.I quietly turn around, do not want you to see me sad, do you want to safely rely on the shoulder.Perhaps, he turned around, life is bleak farewell.  You leave that day, I was against the wind screens, force does not blink.I was afraid of tears, left in between the eyelashes, chilling the route of temple.  I’m wearing robes, stood towering mountains, look sky, Yun Shu cloud volume.Once beautiful oath, glass of white, white clouds that hide in.As the years veil gently brushed aside the clouds, I clutching his chest pain, the ray of sadness, left in the encounter of Love.  Peach decade, to be married for Love, a robe, put down Acacia.