[ Guide ]: In the echo of the empty spirit, I seem to hear my grandfather’s shouts of’ sharpening scissors, killing kitchen knives’ coming to my ears from the distant horizon. At the same time, I seem to smell the tangy fragrance of the big bones my grandfather bought with sharpening money … ” sharpening scissors, killing kitchen knives! Friend, are you familiar with such shouts? In fact, such shouts are hard to hear in today’s society. However, such shouts are so familiar, so kind and so moving to me that I always recall them with abnormal excitement and tears.!     My grandfather is a typical big fellow in Shandong, and he can do a good job as a carpenter.. Since I can remember, I have often watched my grandfather do carpentry work. Later, he did carpentry work that couldn’t sustain the family’s life. My grandfather did the work of sharpening scissors and killing kitchen knives.. Whether it’s cloudy or rainy, or whether it’s spring, summer, autumn and winter, my grandfather shuttles through the alleyways, carrying a wooden bench on his shoulder with a loud cry: ” The scissors have been sharpened, and the shouts of” kitchen knife ” suddenly spread through the streets and alleys.. Therefore, in the streets and alleys of Haizhou area, people are familiar with my grandfather, Lao Hou Tou.     His simplicity and kindness reflect the Shandong people’s character. When he comes to sharpen his knife in family difficulties, he will symbolically receive less money, so people have to find my grandfather to sharpen his knife and sharpen his scissors.. My grandfather also often grinds and cuts meat knives for several shops at that time, with ten to eight knives in one mill. You can see my grandfather holding a kitchen knife in his left hand and turning the wheel in his right hand. He saw sparks flying in the rustling of ” Sasha Vujacic” for a short time. A discerning meat – chopping knife was thus sharpened.. In current popular parlance, the knife is quite good. In fact, a few knives have to be grinded for half a day. My grandfather earned some hard money by falling eight beads of sweat.. At that time, the shops did not want to give money, and each time they used a lot of pig bones as money to sharpen their knives, it was precisely the piles of pig bones that my grandfather bought back with his own sweat, which improved our lives for several times.. FIFA years ago, my grandfather’s house was located near the east gate of the current mining bureau general hospital. I was born there in 1957 in the last century. In fact, I grew up there all my childhood.. It’s my cradle, it’s my real home. I remember that in the mid – 1960s, every family was not rich and it was not easy to eat meat.. That year, my old uncle came back from Tangshan to visit relatives. The coke broke my grandfather. In order to improve my old uncle’s life, my grandfather came home early and went from house to house, grinding his hard sweat all day and returning a pack of pig bones.. Several of us are also gnawing at the fragrant bones every day by the light of my uncle..     Later, my grandfather bought a’ baishan’ brand bicycle with the money he earned from sharpening his knife, and swaggering my grandfather tied the sharpening bench and all the tools to the back of the bike and rode through the streets every day.. ‘ grinding scissors, kung, kitchen knife! People are so familiar with this sound of shouting. ‘ old Hou head, give me a kitchen knife and scissors grinding. I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what I’m talking about. I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t know what I’m talking about.! My grandfather replied with his distinctive Shandong accent.     My grandfather was about 75 years old when he rode his bike, carrying tools such as sharpening scissors and killing kitchen knives, and fell off his bike. Since then, my grandfather’s left leg has dragged on, he can no longer work and can no longer exchange his hard sweat for big bones to eat for us.. I lived in my grandfather’s house in the first few years of my marriage, when my grandmother died and my old aunt took my grandfather to her house.. Sometimes, my grandfather came limping to see me in his old house where he had lived for decades on crutches, and I fried a plate of eggs or made a fish for my grandfather. I drank a few glasses of wine with his old man’s house.. From time to time, I see tears in my grandpa’s eyes, as if his eyes are full of reverie and many misty things at the same time.. A few years later, my grandfather also died. Now I think about it, my grandfather has died for more than 20 years. Every year during the Qingming Festival, I will go to the city cemetery to worship and take care of my grandmother and my grandfather from an early age.. A bunch of flowers represents my thoughts, and a worship offering expresses my heartfelt voice.     At this time, in the echo of the empty spirit, I seem to hear the shouts of my grandfather’s ” sharpening scissors, killing kitchen knives” coming to my ears from the distant horizon. At the same time, I seem to smell the tangy fragrance of the big bones that my grandfather bought back with sharpening money … The first draft of January 24, 2007 in the afternoon[ Responsible Editor: Chloe[ Original ]