Acacia night photos, listen to the rain Yelan / MU sail tonight, breeze gently, gently rain, confusing lights, pedestrian rubbing shoulders away.  Today’s rain to very slow, and gradually, like a child affected by the gas, after a while he cried out!  Propped an umbrella, entering into the crowd, marching sizes of puddles, listening to the rain!  Rain, slanting ground, wind, blowing slightly, clothes off a pedestrian, the pedestrian ruffled hair, no fog, no dust.Perhaps, they also quietly listening to the rain!  The city also suddenly quieted down, there is no way the banks of the plane trees rustling, the disease fast cars seemed to be walking down the sound!Only Rain “ding – ding” umbrella tip to fall, fell the ground, falling on the glass curtain wall.Corner of the window, people standing, sitting, some laughing, some reading newspapers, some in a daze.Some quietly observe rain wet glass, pull out a little spray, some standing under the eaves outstretched palm door, let the rain spread on the palm of the hand.  Rain, and not be slow, accompanied by coffee shop heard the melody falls on the ground!  Many streets clean, clear a lot, dim the lights dim reflected more on the ground, pedestrian holding an umbrella, reflected in the lamplight, deemed a moving picture!  They stopped hurried footsteps, standing in the rain, listening to the rain sounds, rain, whisper in the humid air, it was a dusty old nursery rhyme, it is a shepherd’s flute south, it is Hanshan Temple bell sound, that is the main hall of the Fine.  Where to put Manan mountain, recreational fishing and white clouds; there Qing Song Lin, Xiao solitary landscape; small courtyard fence there, Sha female farmers.  Shake a little breeze, the rain flowing down along the ridge umbrella lined curtain, bead jewelry has become swayed neon blue, purple emerald!  Light and shadow land from the streets, reflecting the people swaying shadows, shadows lengthened long night, shaking the plane trees shed bursts of fragrance!Umbrella also hazy, hazy rain!  Rain, this is a natural phenomenon, clouds of water droplets landing.After the land and ocean surface water evaporates into steam, vapor rises to a certain height droplets freeze to form.Water droplets collide with each other in the clouds, and then fall, they form rain.  Rain, moist grass, the grass will be able to give birth to flowers, moist seedlings, saplings can not old towering, moist soul, the soul will be able to wash off the dust!  Parasol tree standing in the rain, “Suo – Suo” climb on the parasol trees, palm rolled in cold, touch, it sounds, seems to become a muffled sob!Shaking drops of water, as if to life, to me for help!  That “Suo – Suo” sound while another position with the breeze coming tonight!  Inexplicable to make a stop at each corner of a pedestrian, standing quietly, gently turning a car each, picturesque lights still dim, the Indus still green Tingbo!Just all sound becomes slightly low, everyone’s face becomes serious and dignified!  Screen where the woman said still no news!Friends from all over the world are looking for!  The bigger the rain, “pop – pop” to fall on the parasol trees and landed on the ground and landed on the tip of an umbrella, fall on people’s faces, also fell on people’s hearts!Seems to be sighing sound, the sound seems to be crying, the sound seems to be missing, search and rescue ship appears to be sound, and seemed to be coming from far away sound.Sadly down the pedestrian’s eyes, like the sky.But do not want to leave the screen, everyone’s face look 45 degrees upward in the sky, but also watch the news!They hope that in this night, to be able to find in the sky a faint light, or on the screen as careful grinding doubt surmise down every word missing!  They do not want them to apologize, and do not compensate them, they just want a result, day and night to those suffering families an account!  They are no longer indifferent, not alienate.At this point they move closer together, listen, the sound of the rain crying, rain, pop hit in the face, tears!Salty, bitter and some!  Breeze gently, gently rain.Rain, as if tired of crying and like a child, gradually calm down.  Wind, blowing slightly.Clothes off a pedestrian, the pedestrian ruffled hair, no fog, no dust!  Clean streets, such as washing, soil heavy fragrance, green plane trees, fresh Magnolia!  Rain, after all, given their new baptism, the city is no longer messy scraps of paper, no car air pollution emissions, people no longer have a cold expression.Sparrow start out to feed, buds begin to be released, the night, they quieted down, quietly listening to the rain “ding – ding” Xinyu!  It was clear and warm voice, and that voice is no joys and sorrows, it is the voice of love, it is the voice of mercy – Prayer.  All the rain, it seems to temperature fall in the eyes of pedestrians, gradually flow out, the wind slightly blowing, all the water droplets into a solitary line, fell Araara the lawn, dry fall streams, the fall seems to have the families of those suffering day and night there, falls missing compatriots there!Fall motherland rivers and mountains Okawa, also falls around the world!  Umbrella thrown aside and ran into the rain, all the people stand together, facing the big screen, his hands, taken together, prayed silently!  Listen to the sound of rain, but also the people’s voice!  That rain is our hearts call.  It was a late spring rain ah!Room needed this rain, the country needed this spring!  Listen, rain prayer voice, and that voice is their deep love for the motherland’s!  March 12, 2014