Jade green onions fingers gently struck, gurgling mountain spring water, from the bottom of my heart slowly glide.Su water line, I 9 18 bends, fought trials and hardships, finally found you in front of a red house.  Find you, you’re fetching water Huan Yi.  At this point, the sound of water in the ear Yingying, who sing in endless?Who silently bless?  Who is telling Acacia with strings, he tells the life of faith with no regrets youth?  My heart gently tremble.At this point, my greatest wish is to have beside a fragrant scent of roses suddenly warm bloom.  You turn around, water pumping, pouring, starched.Why all movements are so peaceful, harmonious, serene?Why at this time the sun is shining on you softly behind grazing lambs, and why at this time I could not ask you a step closer?  Do not bomb, my heart flying bird being Puchi.  Do not playin ‘, I have lost in a flower-filled trails.  Do not playin ‘, your eyes, your name, your hair, your fingers waving, is not what I dreamed of home, tears of home?