Buffett inspirational story: after 15 years is higher than the 1945 summer high school teacher income, Buffett 15 years of age, into the Wilson High School, beginning on the 10th grade, similar to China’s high school, junior high school students from high school into a.Do not look at others small, but already the boss.    3 small Buffett sent the annual report, it has saved up more than $ 2,000.Gold was $ 35 an ounce to US $ 111,110 in early 2009, the price of gold is estimated that the fall of 1945 Buffett save the equivalent of $ 2,000 today more than 60,000 US dollars, equivalent to RMB 40 million.Buffett sent twice a day morning and evening newspapers, only about two hours a day’s work, earn $ 175 a month, even higher income than his high school teacher monthly salary.In mid-1946, a US adults, earn $ 3,000 a year to belong to the high income groups.    Buffett put the money in a drawer at home in the closet, no one is allowed to touch.One day his little partner Bati Si Dong went to his house looking for him to play.Buffett whispered: Dude children, come, I’ll give you a look.Opened the closet, open the small lock on the drawer, I saw a thick stack of bills, mostly in small denominations.    Wow!It must have SanSiBaiKuai it.    Oh, before I go to bed every day count again.Tell you, 708.    Ah, you are too rich!    Buffett small smile: This is just a little money, I invested big money.    investment?What investment capital ah?    My father opened a South Omaha feed company.Shortly before his feed company next door and Mr. Fogg has a partner opened a building materials company, also shares my Dad, I was the third largest shareholder.    boast.But you are the smallest minority shareholders.    Hehe.My dad bought me a piece of land, our home in the countryside of Nebraska, Omaha from 70 years, forty acres, I bought a man down, man, I become a landlord.    what?Well you’ll farming?    I will not be kind, someone will seed.I rented out to another planting, harvesting food money, he and I divided in half.    On the first day of high school, the head teacher to the class a meeting, take turns to introduce myself.Buffett’s turn.He calmly stood up: I’m from Nebraska Buffett, owns a farm near Omaha.The class in an uproar.People like monkeys thin, thin neck as it sometimes does Magan, sports shoes takes a break, like a beggar, who met with the same shy little girl takes.How this man could be it farmer?    Although more than a month earn more than teachers, save money for a few years more than the college graduates, but only 15-year-old Buffett, spend money less than anyone else.Wearing a pair of shoes are worn to holes in tennis shoes, delivering newspapers to wear, school wear, and students play wear.Sometimes schools have to wear shoes meeting, also wearing a pair of old shoes worn soles fast and more people can not stand is also wearing a dazzling yellow color socks or white socks.    Sister 多丽丝比巴菲 King was two years old, pretty, remote from the central agricultural region to the heart of Washington, DC, to dress more fashionable, she has been invited to participate in the French Embassy held a special birthday of President Truman’s baby daughter celebration, before being included socialite rookie ten, the school is well-known class flower plus Xiaohua.She walked from the campus, keep them coming back is a thousand percent.    But our school beauty greatest fear is that the school met Buffett brother.Slovenly brother she had to be humiliated every time like Little Miss ran into a little tramp, and quickly turned away, pretending not to see, walking quickly away.