People who love books, went out to visit a bookstore hope.Tai’an past to go to the bookstore to find its correspondence often get to buy a few books they like, first, to satisfy their own desires, and second, not white to visit, leave something to commemorate point, it is with this kind of heart, Over the past decade also purchased a collection of many of your favorite books.    Some time ago had the opportunity to listen to a selection of high-quality courses in the language one day Tai’an, Shandong Province held, the province witnessed the charisma of outstanding teachers.Apart from lectures, not to forget the day near the guest house of the East “zero bookstore” to a few selected their favorite books when I heard inside the book are discounted, to buy heart is more urgent.After entering the “zero bookstore”, his figure was surrounded by the sea of books, favorite swim in the feeling.Dizzying books my heart intoxicated, his eyes scanning the found pretty eye on hand to win, read carefully to see whether it is your own taste.On their favorite books, I do not care a large amount of money, will certainly cold coins unceremoniously replaced their appreciation of books satisfying energy dialogue, and has been confused to think they buy books worth big hand , although no money, but it has appreciated.Immersion gold will not be easy, tireless eyes, hands kept turning in a sea of books, when the text Kexin resonate with their minds, it was decided scored.So I have to buy the “Song 300” mostly like the inside of Sushi, “a little decent no” main author Wang Shuo’s novel is to enjoy, “foreign prose” is mainly there to enjoy themselves famous authors like Thomas – Mann, Romain – Roland, thick layer of “my life” is mainly appreciate the author Hans Christian Andersen, carry four books to the front counter sales discount settlement and allowed to make five cents, spent a total of less than fifty dollars, heart, secretly pleased.Look at the book pricing light heavy one, “my life” on the fifty dollar and eighty Nine, you said I made a profit or lose it.In order to better cross salesman at my request to let the Pentagon paying the money so I have to sign their names, so easy to cross to the boss, being to appear authentic, made me feel happy textbook, reading is fun, in fact, books the process is also happy; the process of selecting the book, in fact, touched more people reading the book of course, had touched the book addiction, watch a variety of books binding, but also enjoy a good book.I remember the 00 first time to go to Nanjing, Nanjing really want to enjoy the big bookstore textbook happiness, but involuntarily, because it is commissioned by the Department of Education to care tourism high school students, the opportunity to elect their own did not act alone power, so have not been able to achieve this for me very extravagant desire, although the evening stroll on the roadside individual bookstores in Nanjing city stroll, did not buy into their favorite books.Fortunately, the next day to visit the presidential palace which has sold souvenirs and a small bookstore selling books went to buy a book -C- George Cohen, the “World War Book” hardcover book was twelve dollars, and my heart is Mimi and they can not fill the gap into the big bookstores.    In fact, buy books and allow the human love of books will be happy to buy books satisfying.Ten years of careful purchase and collection of my favorite books are also gradually fills my little den.Purchase of books satisfying in that little pocket money to spend to purchase selected their favorite book.Like the Brothers Grimm’s “Snow White” I though I bought later spend two dollars to buy hand, the first two years of speculation Wang Shuo very loud, “My Chitose cold”, but I stand sits just spend five books to buy dollars on hand, half the new Banjiu genuine Jin Yong’s “the Deer” took only a dollar store really is secretly happy, a perfect harvest, satisfying collection, obsessed with memories, happy life, wonderful memories.    Fell in love with the book, leaving himself feel happy living the good life; accompany their books, so they never feel lonely; dialogue with the books so that they have a more reliable friend in life.    Spring is a beautiful chapter in the book, the book is lush foliage of summer heaven tree, the book is rich fruits of autumn, the book is beautiful winter snow filled the air.