Cheng double stunned, she naturally thought it was her clothes ah.They usually look even style of dress, this is her light pink suit and take it more.
  ”Are you kidding me?”Cheng Mu sub-conjecture in double star is not to relieve the embarrassment.
  Mu child star laugh: “What I tease you, and this obviously is my.”
  Mu child star back room simply pulled away to a double room.”Wedding test yet?This is your size.”
  ”Do not try.”Cheng looked away double.
  Mu helpless child star, and Weiweiququ rushed her like a baby: “You Kan Ma, you wear my clothes will definitely be a.”
  ”No.”Cheng double bow at a glance:” I feel very fit.”
  ”Chest here do not?I am particularly well-designed piece, wearing a very significant curve.”The implication, not so conspicuous wearing Cheng double curve.
  Cheng double bow sweep of the eye, struggling A: “I think this is very good.”I do not have to curve absolutely shattered.
  ”Ok?”Mu child star quit:” You can wear my clothes, I can not wear you, I did you fine waist, chest did not you small, I can not get into ah.”Mu child star trying to reason.
  Can drive