Can be sucked into the lungs, still feel rather bad taste, he quickly pinched, bent over and kissed her lips, tilting Su Ann looked at him silently, he restrained himself, only nostalgia touched it left finger Jinnie in her little lighter in his hand, weeping eye and said: “the next is not pumping, and you governing.”
  Su dumping got a metal lighters, tightly in his hand, his eyes both naive childish, but also hook people’s misty.
  ”it is good.”
  Two Ah is moved in the night.Jia three to help her luggage onto the floor, her first live such a luxurious room, could not help but stunn南宁夜网ed.
  Su pour into the house when she was hugging a maid, her head leaning against the arms of others.Su dumping busy: “two Ah, quick release.”
  Two Ah deep breath as if the maid in his arms and gestured with his back sigh: “So we are not a barrel.”
  The maids are young, so she giggled amused, afraid of angering 南宁桑拿guests have muzzled went downstairs.
  The bear away.”
  He can quite see why Sun Qing always take his example, not Qing-blind, but my heart beat despise him.
  Bah, he looked down on him Qing-it.
  ”Comrade, what happened to sit down and say, I did not mean.”The headmaster a little nervous, not that he was afraid to utter Lu Jianxun everywhere, but remember who is the Lu Jianxun, Union Village production team of hotshots flower Xue’s son, had been due to catch the thief commune cadres recognition, no wonder he says Lu Jianxun name listening to the familiar, too many stories about their home school, comparable to fairy tales.
  Lu Jianxun Shuangshoubaoxiong, head twisted to one side, “what if quickly, and I would like to take my nephew.”
  ”Mr. Sun has done something wrong place I apologize to you on his behalf.”
  ”I apologize to do, I’无锡夜网m sorry he’s not me, is looking forward to building national study of children into schools, and parent