One 上海419同城对对碰can imagine that the two men outside, it should be half past one would have to look on as shy, reckon attend to pit under the daze of Pei Naochun.
  Pei Naochun body bone is very healthy, he lived to be eighty-year-old, had finished the whole birthday, before leaving this world, at the time of his death, his daughter and son-in around that time Gu Changqin, hard in pursuit Pei Dai Jun and five years, considered Outrageous, they focus not only emotionally to each other, it is the best partner in business.
  Gu Zhangqin what it preaches, even though Pei Dai Jun or not, he was pressing her to sign the agreement, and in addition to the property other than stock-ho group can not move, give all moved to Pei Dai Jun’s name, married, and did not return Pei Dai Jun family, but continued to operate in the market, under-ho Group is also t无锡夜网he joint efforts of the two, bigger and bigger, become the light of Chinese.
  For two people, the cause of each other has been able to constitute the whole of life, got married early in consensus, not ready to have children – Pei Naochun asked Gu Changqin time, the other one is the children do not want to trip the Pei 南宁桑拿Dai Jun’s footsteps; the second is not willing to take any risk, do not let her production capacity as older mothers.; Three does, indeed, give a sense of fulfillment in their careers and busy enough, since children can not properly give love and attention, it is better not to raise.Economic conditions of the two men, to be a test tube, to find a surrogate is not a problem, but they did not mind this.
  Later, Pei Naochun heard the name a few times Tiansheng Group, there are several other project funding strand breaks, had tails to survive, branch off one after another, leaving only the B headquarters city, he also heard people say, Shengjun Hao remarried several tim