Pick up a light dew, delicate and exquisite fingertips, Wen Wanru glass-like crystal。A bloom, stunning bright red seasons, gentle life of the agreement, let love in abundance faint moving in。Just want to love you forever and cordial words on late Pavilion, Tian drunk tenderness roses, any ray of dough attachment, gently, feminine touch your face, Keeper in Huaxi love, condensed into intoxicating。    ——Listen to Xinyu fragrant flowers currents, Splendor Seduction。Butterfly language Xuyi Wan wind, floating in a pool of fragrant flowers。Yela eat only a little in the dust, in the quiet beauty of the time, the text lit。Whether the arrival of spring, or winter cold, the dough will be an enchanted covered atrium, the ray of deep thoughts slowly stretched。A loving, warm quiet moonlight, run the flowers, watch the same abundance of life……    HYDRAT Feng Qing, the quiet beauty of the season, looking forward to a romantic flowers, a heart to love, in the years gradually accumulated in the successful。The freshness thoughts, river of time in smoke curl。Product a faint moonlight tea, will miss the heart Jian stretch, listen carefully and lovely night, the Keeper a graceful warmth of love。Let the days of shortage into bluestone, so as to melt the old smoke。In shallow time, the beautiful poetic lingering flowers。    Dressed breeze, bloom season。To show elegant, beautiful flowering of love, the most beautiful years, with the indifferent quiet beauty of dependency, they left their mark on the situation of drunk day and night。Zi Xuan Fei Xu, flowers dash, are all a lingering love of Huayu, melted joy Weak water three thousand。Midnight, lit a cigarette, suction is love, is the spit of thoughts, falling all want your words。    Amidst the sand, snow Ying Hong。In years past feelings, how many dawn twilight night, how much load Hanlaishuwang, so long filled the harbor thoughts of love, any favor with the Cantabile Love tie him down。Yuet Wah water of the night, already covered with fragrant, gentle light-hearted drunk, will mind my arms, fine chemicals joy, do not fight day and night。Suddenly, a long long time twilight adding a hint of warmth。    A lantern, a clear reflection on the gentle Xiangxi, with her rose Fallen flowers in full bloom, the breakdown of quiet beauty patches, prosthetic soft incense。A better time to pick up bits and pieces of deep, gently knowing, deep collection。Tonight, the wind and fragrant flowers, clothing Qing Wu Luan Seduction, swaying in the breeze to miss a dream, echo in the mind。Amidst the room, streamer love in the years quietly flowing crystal……    However, Juan moonlight as water, flowing with the United States – hearted dream, that touch of warm light falls on the brow, as gorgeous as the flowers。Take some thoughts temperatures, colorful interpretation of a bustling world of love。Let fondly pace through the cold, elegant stretch of snow in the sky, the dough, melt in your heart。Miss the wind, the wind brings warmth, love passionately concentrated abundance of love。    Gentle wind, linger in the moonlight is like night, bright red flowers bloom quietly in the New Year, soulful eyes gently flowing inside the arched brows。It turned into a wisp of breeze blow think, lightly beside you, whisper whisper, quietly attachment。Wind, tidal condensed into thoughts, listening to the wind, the rain is my heartfelt thoughts。Wind ears, hearts are Xu love。Wind stop, pour Past thoughts, feelings life of cotton。    A tree flowers withered winter of desolation, a ray of thoughts flowing quietly in Xiangxi love, season, color soaked some fragrant beauty。How many warm and romantic, how many lingering tenderness, Xu Qingning in a few days, condensed into a pregnant dependent love the warmth。If you miss there will be sound, whether, love will awaken those sleeping in the story, those lingering?Those verses fragrance, the only beautiful thoughts about you。    A Lavender, aromatic how much love and Passion。A flower plow, wading through a number of missing dependencies。A wandering leaf, a prosthetic litter, whose eyebrows get into this endless thoughts?Who prime pen day and night for love to tell their Zhongchang?Any hint of fragrance thoughts, singing softly in a strong love in。Let this romantic romantic, accompanied by moonlight walked away。    Text: Listen to Xinyu QQ1178127788