A city, a person, you listen . Loneliness is singing! – preface to a city of one person, how lonely, how desolate, how lonely. However, peace of mind is home everywhere and warmth everywhere. If the heart is lonely, let the song be noisy, and the stream of people is like a star, it will not feel safe. The superficial glimpses are for others to see, but the true feelings inside are for their own taste.. Over the years, a person has traveled through the mountains and scenic spots in pengcheng, crossing streets and lanes, blocking rain in the wind, climbing mountains and crossing water.. Let the years change, with a cool heart, make a cup of tea to drink alone in your own city, and see all the vicissitudes of life, joys and sorrows.. Years have obliterated the impetuous and cynical edges and corners, and in the face of a lot of setbacks, I have learned to live with self-respect and self – discipline. I believe in cause and effect, and I believe that fate has its own arrangements..     Life is like mail, ethereal is like dust. Over the years, a person has been drifting like a dandelion without roots, dancing lightly with the wind.. Who doesn’t want the dust to settle down? The fate of those who did not begin to end is not the one who buried me in the past. Maybe I was also a rootless plant in the past, and I don’t need to repay kindness in this life.. Although I am small, I am a stubborn woman, not noble, not amazing, not elegant, but unwilling to bow to the world like bamboo. In my inner feelings and leisurely mouth, I chose to be loyal to my heart and let idle talk float over my ears.. Laugh at puzzled eyes. So let it be, again strong fireworks will one day turn into a cup of plain boiled water, a person’s life is clear and joyous, and he will keep company with the cool breeze and bright moon, listen to the gurgling streams, see the world of mortals blooming and falling, and belong to me in this life..     Over the years, one fingertip danced alone, banged the keyboard, met with words, condensed ink and wielded a sword, danced the clear appearance of the bright moon in the Qin Dynasty, sang the poetry of the Tang Dynasty and sang the rhymes in the Song Dynasty.. A plain paper, rubbing all kinds of thoughts into it, has a flat and even rhyme, and several people can read it.? However, falling in love with words is doomed to be lonely and quiet. It is this quiet time that saw through the disturbing world in succession and looked down upon the hearts of the people. The near, far, deep and shallow peace is the best.. We are all ferries of the world of mortals, who can ferry ourselves to the other shore or ourselves, are really lonely, choose a quiet night, 100, meditate, listen to carefree music, and let a meditation filter out the worries of the soul..     Over the years, writing articles, reading books, embroidering, eavesdropping on other people’s minds in the text, wandering in the peach blossom island in the beauty valley, making butterflies on the island, watching those beautiful women waving ink into poems and painting, occasionally flying to the sea, listening to shells singing, watching waves and flowers blossoming, blue sky, white clouds and occasional bluebirds flying across the vast sea. Following the trace of the bluebird, I walked into the sparsely populated Enoch Academy and read through the Tang and Song poems and philosophical literature. Smelling the strong ink fragrance, I temporarily put the glitz outside the door and became a poetic woman, forgetting the troubles of the world of mortals.. Once a book and a piece of paper are written, they will spend the four seasons of a person’s joys and sorrows in the world where the fragrance of books is curled up..     A flower bloom time, life has passed dozens of plants in a hurry. Over the years, it has passed like this. A city, a person, a plain paper, a book, a song of clear meaning, a Zhang Xiu stand, a few broken chapters have nothing to do with the ups and downs, but only for the words of the heart at that time.. Fireworks are polluted in the world, planting a net lotus in your heart and irrigating it with ink fragrance. In your future time, let me feed past lives with words, drive away the cold and impetuous with words, and feed the fate with words. When the fate comes, join hands with the poor to see Yun Qi..