A beggar story (ten ten people watching enlightenment) Once there was a beggar, begging to go out every day, he would like to lead a normal life, he accumulated up to beg for food.But they had saved for many years, he’s still only a little rice granary.  One night, he quietly hiding in the corner, really a big rat middle of the night to steal his food.He was very angry and shouted: rich people so much food you do not eat, why eat the food she saved me hard?  I did not expect the mice actually speak: your life, only eight meters, liters discontent everywhere.  Mouse beggar asked: Why is?  Mouse said to him: I do not know, you better ask the Buddha.  So, ask beggar determined to go away to the west Buddha, in the end what is the reason to see such a fate only?  The next day he set off.He begging, arrived after dark in the morning only to see a family.He knocked on the door, out of a housekeeper and asked him what happened, he said discuss something to eat.Members met just out of view, the beggar asked why so late still on their way?  Beggar said his fate, going to ask a clear Buddha.Members listened rushed him outside to go to the house, took a lot of dry food and money, beggar puzzled.  Members outside said his family 16-year-old daughter will not speak.He would like to ask for help to Buddhist Buddha, what is the reason.Beggar think is going to go away to the west, on the way I ask Buddha to help him good, then yes.  They take a lot of the mountain, I saw a beggar temple went discuss water to drink.I saw an old monk leaning on a pewter staff, but very very old spirit, the old monk gave him water to drink and asked him to go.  Beggar description whereabouts, the old monk quickly pulled his hand and said, I want you to help me to Buddhist must ask Buddha.I practice for 500 years, supposedly should have ascended to heaven, why do not fly?Beggar agreed to this old monk.   Go any further, and after a lot of various obstacles.Beggar came to the edge of a river, the river no boat.Beggar anxious, how this can do?How in the past?Beggar began to cry, do not respect my life so hard it?  Suddenly, a large river turtle surfaced.What Laogui ask beggar crying here?Beggar things said again.Laogui said, I have 1,000 years of practice, supposedly should have Jackie Chan flew off, or why a Laogui?If you go to the west can help me ask the Buddha, I’ll carry you to the opposite.Beggar willingly agreed.  I do not know yet how many days away, but has not yet seen the Buddha.West supposedly should have to, ah, where are the Buddha?Beggar very sad, because I was tired and fell asleep daze.  Buddha appeared in the dream, the Buddha asked him: You come all the way here so there must be something very important to do it?  Beggar said: Yes, the Buddha, I have a few questions to ask Buddha.  Buddha said: Well, but there is one condition, you can ask up to three questions.  Beggar agreed, and thought, what do I ask a few questions?Laogui practice a thousand years is not easy, it’s supposed to ask the questions.So he asked: Buddha, Lao Gui practice a thousand years Why has not it become a dragon?Buddha told him Laogui because it was reluctant to back shell.  Beggar mind wondering, the old monk practice for 500 years is not easy, he should also ask questions.So he asked: Buddha, why the old monk to practice five hundred years have not yet ascended to heaven?Buddha told him the old monk day heart and mind his mace.  Beggar think outside the member’s daughter is very poor, ah, how can not speak marry it?His question should be asked.So beggar asked a third question: Why Buddha, outside the member daughter can not speak it?Buddha told him that if dumb girl came to see her sweetheart, will speak.  Buddha suddenly disappeared.Beggar recovered, Oh!Their problems have not asked yet!Forget it, or begging live it, then hurry back.  Beggar came to the river to see the old turtle, old turtle anxiously asked him.Beggar says, you put me through to the river, I tell you.Old turtle crossing the beggar in the past, beggar asked Laogui: that it is not reluctant to back shell.  Laogui their senses, the shell off down to the beggar, said: and there are 24 glowing pearl, it is priceless, for I have is useless, I give it to you, thank you for helping me, and soon Laogui becomes Fei away.  24 beggar holding a glowing pearl and hurry back.Came to the mountains met the old monk, the old monk anxiously asked beggar.Beggar, said: Is not bear mace in the hands of?The old monk an enlightened, pewter staff gave the baby beggar, then immediately flew away Tengyun.  Members beggar came to the door away from home, suddenly ran out from inside a girl shouted: ask the Buddha, then people come back.Members outside delight, his daughter went so far as to speak, so the outer member of his daughter with beggar.  The story finished, nothing beggar ultimately failed to ask the Buddha himself to his fate, but all the answers are in the process.Indeed, such is life.People who love constant love, respect people who were constant Jingzhi.We either life or work are required to keep in mind: will be paid a return, rather than paid off before going to pay!  You are in big money or earn a little money?The vast majority of people do not understand!  Why do people often used to describe the money when it comes to the boss, they will spend money when it comes to describe workers?Why is the same busy, some people are hungry, some people fruitful?Why the same opportunities and abilities, some people wealthy, some people can only be content with?Does anyone know the essential difference which it?Do not know the truth, because you are not concerned about the president of business thinking classroom, this is a real convergence method, insight into industry trends, discover the road to riches in the number of high-quality public.Search for truth together rich and poor, the password to unlock the wealth!  Boss president of business circles ID classroom thinking a million people gather veins: zcsyswkt ▲ long by two-dimensional code identification concerns