Always someone to ask you, the object did not have?  Always someone to ask you, the object did not have?  Oh, no.  Oh, no, it is not possible.In fact, it is true, is not no one to chase, unwanted, but no suitable; not look high, requiring much, just did not feel.  Maybe sometimes I want to love, want to own is no longer lonely, but the man did not, did not want to casually love.  Sometimes when their stop, will feel that their dedication is ridiculous, why do not you love?Why should their single it?  He is in love with a lonely lonesome love with?  In actual fact, because there is a single called Ningquewulan they are very persistent love very specific, they have their own unique ideas, able to stick to, in the vast sea of people just looking for a way to make himself touched upon.  Perhaps in the eyes of others that silly, but this is silly just want to be worthy of their own heart.  Let all alone, so that my loneliness is not to make people love their casual and.  Past 500 times Looking back only in exchange for a life pass, do not believe such a fantasy, fate is not much, just to feel.  Not easy to love, do not want to deceive others, I do not want to lie to myself, is pure love each other, but if the event that he would persevere, set his heart, will not bother, hard to Love.  Everyone has their own half of the figure, even if it is barely find the other half of you do in your heart except he (she) would not have the heart to another person it?  In my heart there will be longing for the other half, and I hope to meet each other is a beautiful romantic encounter, I hope he (she) is your prince (princess), but it will not indulge in this fantasy fairy tale, just want their own share of real encounter, not to obsessed prince (princess), as long as I that he (she) just want to know to find their own willing to accompany.  When you are really experiencing the day that he (she), the two exchanges will definitely set the bottom line of each other, will not easily crossed.  Respect love, respect affection, respect each other, not just the beginning, but once you start, it will be the most cherished life of people.  Because I believe in love.  When faced with a good impression but did not like their people, respect each other politely and say sorry, we do not fit.  Respect their feelings but also respect other people’s feelings, do not let the other party a waste of time, if the other person that friends can do, of course I am very happy.  But want to change my mind, it is impossible, because they will not easily allow themselves to compromise.  A friend said that now the society has to choose at random out of fashion, and not to abuse it should be rather short, it may be right, but I do not want to change, is it so wrong yet?  Not as easily imagine other people’s love, and easily let himself not alone, when the end of a period of love and there will be no sad, because people do not like that feeling used, precisely, they do not understand love and be loved, they will all have a favorable impression of the opposite sex, do not pursue their perseverance and that he (she).  With respect to the people not to abuse rather the lack of them would be more realistic, and more to protect themselves in love, because he (she) after breaking up will not know the feeling of pain, they never for love.  The Ningquewulan were not so, they will not be maintained from, a situation will be very long, even if at the end they will be sad, painful, sad, but it had paid off, will not regret it, so that their unforgettable love, needs careful to wait, even if it is a lifetime.  Lonely, not necessarily unhappy; get, not necessarily long; lost, not necessarily no longer have.