” ” ” Acacia storm author: easy-going Editor: text alone on the West Wing to jump on my manuscript, leaving a bunch of cry ink and wet song caught up in a moonlight tonight Acacia, bare naked.Hands clinging to slide freely pen on paper, the paper may have felt the slightest pain, but its heart is happy, is not it?White paper, leaving a trail of blue pen, paper, pen quietly told: “Thank you left me endless memories, or beautiful, or sad, all I get is the best gift.You have gone through, I was happy!” …Rain, but not much.It was the Cowherd and Magpie Bridge cried tears it?Rainy night, roses bloom, we started the first date.You stroll alongside my umbrella, attentive so that we have always maintained a distance body position, ambiguous, hesitantly, only in the dim lights, through the cover of the rain, I dare you sneak a face.You are so soft and moving.      Most like the drizzle, the most like this softly, quiet a winter twigs, weeds, greedy sucking the sweet rain, nourishing themselves to be out of the new branch buds.      and I?Find, the flying fragments of memory in the brain, he tried to see me, the debris has become blurred.I can only continue to sit, try to make yourself calm down.When I get down, but the pieces makes up a fragment of one, emerges.A lifetime of emotional barren, rain Plumper my heart can do?      However Tixia independence sad, straining tossed just long hair, long hair and sway with tears.      Umbrella walking in the rain, for their own hold up a clear sky, the mood seems to get better all of a sudden, the mood is good always sing like no one else, never to feel the line of people, say I’m crazy good, I say silly worth mentioning, live for yourself, live smart, live calm and frankly it may well be over, even live very tired very bad is the life you want, independent of the others.      Hard to suppress their own, not to think things about you, but your doom, but bit by bit into my head squeeze, tightening the brow, desperately driven you, but do nothing.      There you go again occupy my heart the sea, thoughts chaotic unmatched.It is such thoughts.When miss, always looking forward to spend, so the miss is struggling to keep the hope; spend the time, but could not find the feeling of hope, so thoughts are tasteless wait; the time to give up, but found no heart empty of thoughts , so know the thoughts, though painful, but happy.      In turn covered with sadness in my heart, that was the first I changed the “When I was alone when it comes to hug you,” begins spewing out of my mouth.      When I was alone when it comes to thinking about you, that the more sweet.When I’m alone when it comes to missing you, that the more fortunate.When I was alone when you think of it this way, do not give up a lifetime.When I’m alone so I am missing you, only for you to cherish life.      Repeatedly shouted that I was changed a few songs mess, tears would flow out disappointing, tears dripping mouth feel too sweet.So comfort yourself, you want nothing wrong, I think you are very sweet.      When you want to lose, I think of you all do not exist, the brain center of the sea all your imprinted.      I think of you very helpless, thoughts can not help themselves dominate.Ignore the side of warm affection, ignoring the worried eyes, ignoring everything, just as you want.If you miss is a pain, then there is no missing what will happen?I suddenly remembered many years since read “stranger” poem: Oh, stranger, I must have seen you in a remote and unknown place things quiet in the night sky dark blue and I had tears of you Yin had an old songs Oh, stranger, I know you What, then we have lost – waiting crossing the Atlantic shore in this.      Like you, helpless, helpless to tears.Like you, helpless, helpless to heartbreak.Miss you, sad, sad will cry.Like you, I was wrong yet?Wrong to not make up, can not go back.Also want you, and I want to forget you, but not the tears when the window drops bombs, sad speechless proposed.      Rain I journeying silly, crazy, mind you clear images.Your good and your bad, let me deep in mind, it is good to better, it is not good, how can I forget?How can you not want.Love, faith and hope are the three pillars of spiritual life, waiting for hope.Some people may like happiness, not everyone Sometimes yes, there is also a painful wait for sweet, and so only the phenomenon of suffering, in essence, is happy, or how you will go, etc.?Such as a heart, willing to wait for one night is a night of well-being, willing to wait a day is a day of happiness, willing to wait a year is a year of happiness, and that is to be willing to wait a lifetime to live life with happiness.      Looking back, after the over mirror move, ebb and flow, calm and not find a strong reason, the passage of time, I still remember you!Lian Lian tears in their eyes, wet early summer throughout the season, we silently bless each other, hold hands, without words, without having to touch the window that a charming moonlight, touch down soon Acacia birds dripping just only need to call soon this one will be wet poetry lost, so lonely bloom, still if the winter in that a Falling snow.      ”Long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night.”But after all, it is Anranxiaohun late autumn, listening to the rain fall Indus, bit by bit like playing on my mind.Remember sinking it rosary?I have been hanging in my chest.You say most Acacia red beans, so whenever I think of you, will stroke the smooth skin of red beans, distant you, if I feel it’s Acacia?Over the hill Jasmine opened again, and you said, and I like most of the West Lake with boating, let the morning breeze gently brush from your hair, let us out of the water reflection shadows.Tired of sitting on the grass yellow flowers everywhere, quietly listening to the whisper of summer.Today, people still summer color, and you do not know where.That year love handle in front, also in this summer color over Lake Willow shore, Xiaofeng moon trail, also in this summer’s season Wenai.       Red Dust we met, it really is the transfer of the causal past life it?First love for me, will always be a difficult to understand the term, it is easy to come; to go hard, easily separated points; poly difficult to gather; this I do not know what year do not go to a meet again?I close my eyes, you will see a pair of eager eyes, and there you have my dream, there are prospects for the future, there is still a past life Everlasting Love, a picture of a flowing, so fresh.I picked up a pen, I hope in the white paper can draw the ghost of you,.slowly.slowly.White paper actually covered your whole Yoshina.      ”A kind of Acacia, Xianchou.”When summer night blew open side of the fence Sunflower, also gave me a pessimism Pina.Are you from afar I also think it?I think it must be because our hearts are connected.As long as we look each other in the last part of a discourse, you will be able to know what each other was thinking what to say.I remember you said softly in my ear: “My dear, if one day we will gradually grow old, I want to wake up in another world, the first thing you see is what you get.Like you, at this early summer breeze blowing gently rainy night.” ‘