In some Buddha and Buddha seat, often pressing some of the wrestlers.They bent and bent back, grimace in pain, such as negative Tarzan.As the ferocious physiognomy, people call them ghosts lining.It is said that Buddha foot on the pressure three ghosts lining.  One year, Leshan Suji field to four bully female male hegemony, rob and kill criminals.Called iron palm, called a foot iron rod, called iron chest, a skull called iron.Cape extraordinary four criminals, the ability of high-strength, hot murderous heart, not a few days, the Suji field upsets Tianhundian.People see them, see as a scourge, shunned.  Suji field due to Emei Leshan towards Shanda, since the four criminals, Buddhist monastery no longer afraid to go over here.Street shop store closed its doors, the passenger must warehouse, craftsmen received the stalls, past the bustling village of the dead field.Four people hated criminals, organized a hundred ten tough guy, take some hoes, and some iron bars enforcement, determined to make a bunch of thugs out of Suji field.  Four hundred ten criminals see the boys around us, not afraid, standing there laughing.Iron palm said: You do not know my brother four powerful, wanted to come to court death.As everyone knows your number a hundred people, I deal with a finger can not deal with it.Go back to it, otherwise, send your little life, for our brothers who eat and drink it?  Voice hardly ever, leading a young man stood up and said: criminals off arrogant, you Longitudinal some effort, I waited work together, fight with, I do not believe you beat.  Iron chest, said: worth mentioning, I have four brothers and your first Bibi martial arts, it means our shiny.You lose, you have to send our brothers respectfully whole pig whole sheep, chickens, ducks and fish, lest we personally come to snatch.  Foot iron rod, said: Miaomiaomiao, let me first race with.He pointed to the back of the field Su Chih-scented osmanthus Hill said: You see, I want to kick off this mountain sharp!Then kick, kick to the alignment of sweet-scented osmanthus mountain.Thud, Hill pointed to fly, sweet-scented osmanthus mountain into a flat Dingding.Later, the mountain is called a draw mountains.  Iron palm saw him, my heart itch, shouted, so I have to try.His aim at the Chaoyang Dong mountain Baita, hey bang, a slap in the past, towering clouds of white tower, a headlong, the river Suji kill a big hole.This place was later called Baita Da.  See iron chest brother brother have significant power and prestige, not twenty weakness, out of it: you root hoe hundred iron Qi Wang hit my chest, if I blink an eye, not too hero.The young man cry on the lead!Root hoe like a hundred sticks rained down on his chest.Sometimes rattled, sparks dash in, and then how to play did not harm a hair of him.  Cheng Wei iron skull was about to turn when the road a ride up the color car.Girl came a burst of sound inside the car thundered: where’s the villain?Dare to act violently here!Then Jiaolian Yixian, go down a Ruhuasiyu beauty.I saw her plumage Tracy, Yu Pei Shanshan, too white, angel tournament appearance.Four criminals met with surprise and delight.Foot iron rod booed loudly, four people surrounded them and grab the hands of people.  Girl Liu Mei stood, shouted: how much ability you have, and dared the daughter robbed in broad daylight!  Foot iron rod, he said: I draw with the foot of a mountain.  Iron palm said: I beat toppled a tower.  Iron chest, said: They did not put a hundred roots hoe iron bars went through my chest!  Said iron skull.I can not hit the skull Trick turn!  After listening to the girl he smiled and said: the original is not worth the money four wrestlers.Well, I’m with you than the ability?  Four criminals to see this fragile woman and they are more than capable, can not help but laugh together.  Iron skull the first to say: You know what this woman Anyhow, my four brothers, only to lift two fingers, putting your bones pinching a rare bus crushed.Say, how a ratio method?  The girl calmly said: My two bearers lift tired, if you carried me Gun Hill, I’ll buy you a Gold, a Silver Mountain.If you will not lift me, even if lost, to be my husband forever Sedan Chair.  Four criminals think this is a small woman really funny.Look at her slim build, light if Lotus, that there can not afford to lift the.So full of promise.  Four chair lift, breezed to Gun Hill marching.  That hundred ten young and healthy young man, looked at each other, secretly pinching a sweat for that girl.Afraid she was murderous, just trailing after.All the way without incident, not long before, he came to Leshan High North Gate.At this time, the chair slowly re-up.The weight of four domains deep breaths call call thiophene.  Across the river, the chair came soaring down the mountain, in front of the feet of iron rods and iron palm just feel dizzy, shaking your feet hit the back of the iron chest and also the weight of the iron skull grin and crooked teeth, Tilibuzhi.However, where they lost to a weak woman willing to do.Exhausted feeding effort, managed to sedan chair carried to Gun Hill.  At this time, the girl in the car, said: then lift the last point, there are three steps, three steps to.  However, the four criminals straight to the weight of the chair he was sinking, foot bar chatter quite lofty, I could not move a step.  Girl stuck his head inside the car from the road: Haha, you lose, lose it!I give my life to lift the car.  Operators iron skull clever, momentum does not see, oh cry, throw a rod sedan run away.Just at that moment, a sound boom, and the remaining three gangsters pressure Beng foot of the Buddha, into a ghost lining, perdition.  Behind the boys, then they would understand, the girl becomes a big Buddha, in addition to harm them.So, one joy, happily went home.  After the iron law skull lucky break to escape, ran out of the house Jiading, no longer afraid to come back.However, the dog eat shit habits of traveling thousands of miles, he went to another place to do evil things.Many well and stay Outsiders Sun evil, until tender still in the world today wanderings, abuses miles.This article is taken from the children’s site (WWW.060s.COM)