REVIEW As the saying goes: the civil power can not be tampered with, the house is not so easy.In rural areas in terms of building a house was a big thing, life is to live frugally to build a house, flapping his life’s energies to build a house on the.    1 the second half of last year to now actually worry, do not worry not, the home has its own place, so large yard to build a house, do not cover No, do not cover the grant last year to build a house instructions had been very difficult to do, and also have to do safety appraisal of existing homes, the original build a house is not the case, because it is in their yard to build a house, it is easy to batch, not so much, now I can not.Where we have long planned, reportedly over three to five years to be demolished.Did not want to build a house right away, mainly for economic reasons, no power cap, the final analysis, there is no money to cover that sooner or later to be covered, but no immediate intention.    In fact, to build a house is still very necessary, not very far from home in the city, 30 miles from the Summer Palace, the northern part of Haidian District, is also convenient to live there.Besides live in the city where small, or home spacious building in the city is no effort, there are garden bungalow that is enjoyment, not even after the demolition, it is also home to enjoy ah!It is much better than living in the city.In a few years, retire and return home, writing in the country how good, have their own study, this is my dream.    Are urged to build a house of his brother, he wants to build a house, along with his brother urged me to cover up house together, bachelor brother a person, not possible to build a house, his house and I want to share the burden of my brother, I could not even build a house of their own no money, not to mention helping his brother build a house, so to build a house mainly cover the brother pushing me, otherwise I would never build a house.My brother said: can not build it, does not cover not approved the.So I was driven to this kind of case to build a house, not a penny of his hand, had to go step by step, first covered, while the side cover to borrow money, so I build a house is something very passive in the situation, how can you not worry about it?    2 As the saying goes: the civil power can not be tampered with, the house is not so easy.In rural areas in terms of building a house was a big thing, life is to live frugally to build a house, flapping his life’s energies to build a house on the.I had always had this idea: never shave the head of his mouth to build a house, people alive is not easy, not to build a house and destroyed his body, which is not worth the candle.I never want to earn money to build a house, money is not reluctant to eat, what had to save it?That’s not a pain it?    2098 cover a few dressing rooms, bricks are the parents bought me alive, the wood is old wood, spent more than ten thousand built a five Men Lianfang, was also cheaper to build a house.Not now, what are prices, materials to build a house you can not rise?Wages, too ah!    I build a house together with his brother build a house for the money, it takes about two hundred and fifty thousand, twenty thousand dollars only on their own hand.With wealthy acquaintances to borrow money difficult, more difficult to borrow more money, simply told their families and friends to borrow, but the number is not enough, slotting allowances contracting team first down payment, first do it; and so people have to pay up body Qian, head of the contracting team going to 90% of the full amount, so do not worry quickly build the house, I do not wait to live, the faster the money to cover the more urgent.So before winter body up on the line, windows and doors are not secure, there is no ground paving, the contractor team shall pay 60%.Cover ward (that is, the main house) take two hundred thousand, two hundred thousand short of these seven or eight million, the want to wait three or four months to start again, did not expect the contractor team came over fifteen, foreman hurried Master it’s not money you hurried?Has started you have to ask for money, I really wanted to postpone a drag, I’m not anxious waiting live.It appears drag is not drag my brother called to say: Wang reminders of it, or else it starts next week.    Hearing this, my brain hurt Jen, it’s also a busy borrow money.    3 Fortunately, to build a house is a big package, labor and materials, has been to stay 850 yuan per square meter, what do not worry yourself, is worried about the money, this is the big worry.While anxious, while working, and good work is not quite busy, no matter how busy little dead money, but did not go to work that efforts now.Then worry have to stabilize their emotions, not let the anxious Fire Attack heart, to adjust their own, their own comfort, simply by writing to offset his anxious, try to think less about those in a hurry to do, turn pressure into motivation, it is in such a under pressure, a few months turned out to be nearly a million things written word, while anxious, while writing.Or should their spiritual collapse, I was supporting himself by writing ah!    People have to live again in a hurry, what is the use of light in a hurry?Go forward step by step, the car to Piedmont Road.The main house up, but the west wing not cover, in front of two Men Lianfang still waiting for repairs, the main building of a large piece of it short of money, not to mention the other expenses.This is what I, fortunately there own spiritual pursuit, the sick anxious intolerable.    Such is life, not encountered such a thing, is experiencing something like that, is not immune to hide, but the living can not let the urine suffocated, who live not too tired, but also can not help but worry, nobody is gods, put my heart thing, can not be too put thing, take I can not give yourself your own sins, what had their own take to heart, that’s life.    2011.2.22 [Editor: Can children]