The fifties and sixties, we are almost every country cottage, and almost always covered with straw.Because straw slip drip, easy to take water.But straw life span of only two or three years, at most, four or five years, so, once every two or three years will repair the roof, every four or five years dropped my weight would cover the.    Build houses is a major event, always carefully prepared some of.First, hay, to cover too thick, have to prepare two or three years of straw.Then choose an auspicious date, please Mao Carpenter, about unskilled laborer.There are labor people, usually do unskilled laborer himself.Then is started, start eating wine.”Mao Carpenter on a house, busy into gruel.”A Mao Carpenter always twenty-three unskilled laborer with dip grass, then grass, mud fight.Delayed a day to pay a day wages, does not pay.So, Carpenter Mao shout: grass “on!”Coolie immediately want to play with a cross on the bale, to throw on the roof, not near fall before him; shout:” mud fight!”Now we must use the scoop to the jetty river mud brought to him.Usually two people to play mud, mud pile to start fishing in the river banks of temporary buckets carried over; when the mud, a person has put into the bucket of river mud ladle Changgan of another person cited scoop son sent roofing.This live mud mounted light, kid and teenagers can do, I would have done such a child laborer.When free, put the straw dip thrown into the river, and then up the fork, Lin Zhao water reserve.Cover the hills delete the cornice use.The puncturing point is to select long, better straw, deleted several times, at the end of a bar, into bundles.Other roofing, as long as the soaked grass to go “to the child,” I want to directly shop.Good quality difference lies in how much grass and men tips.Much grass spread too thick, and even, hard men, is scheduled to close on reliable; otherwise, is the “foreign devils” thing, and hypocritical, unable to withstand the wind and rain.    Of course, people want to take the wind mother happy, leaked too large, grass or house will be blow away.Du Fu’s “The autumn winds have broken hut song” is thus made.It is also important straw, mud is not too much to.Mud more, half past one would not do, fix will be a large “landslide”, and even Mao himself Carpenter “flying carpet ride” down to earth and some are.Less mud, grass does not stick, is not strong, can not withstand strong winds, there may be on the spot “landslide”.After the grass cover, plush spiked roof is uneven, cornices Phi Phi also needed to blow off the uneven development, need to “dress up” look.The roof is a small rake comb it again, with a wind speed of cornice machete (that is, sickle) repaired.A comb a repair, the entire roof style yellow flat at once full of good-looking uniform.At this time, Mao Carpenter will be gratefully hundred a cigarette, head high to enjoy his work, and then go wash your hands completed wine.Childhood, in awe of Mao Carpenter, thought he had the ability, the technical staff, the dictates of the house, eat sit tight on the seats, food and drink have a pack of cigarettes, get outside wages.    It now appears that technology is limited.But the owner and laborer are afraid of offending his.Master offended him, the roof will soon be able leaks; unskilled laborer offended him, he will be playing cruelly.For example, you are within the rising to the toilet, he aimed at a Diesheng shouted: “fight mud blanket!Blanket of mud fight!”Coolie had to return the body to fight the mud.Go back, he would he kept shouting: “put down grass blanket, put down grass blanket!”Coolie had to put down grass back.In order to fulfill the host family events, and without blame, unskilled laborer only some of their grievances, and who told you it is coolie!