Part one: the distance between the bonds of the people, will not be far away and distant relative.On the contrary, if it is truly knowing each other, no matter how far the distance is, the mind or shared.Click an accident, created a friendship between us.  I do not know you are beginning to see where my words, but when you tell me, you’ve seen all of my articles, my heart is in addition to moving or moved.Among my friends, although there have been comments to my article, but they are not necessarily full read all my articles.And can be far stranger thousands of miles away your appreciation, that is how not easy.Not to mention that you have patience alone is the age difference between us, you can be attracted to, how rare it is, because you are a family favorite little princess ah.  However, it made me think of that, we also add a friend, and then also know each other’s names and phone.And when you dial my phone, I happened on the way home, even though the car is very noisy, but that I still hear the sweet sound of the girls waited.You say that you are the first time such a bold call to strangers, I imagine your courage, because so far, I have not tried to unfamiliar friends made a phone call, even though we may know on the network for a long time.So, you love me, so I am so moved, and that you also love this benefit my friends.  In that period, I was just too busy to breathe, to work every day in addition to reconciliation or reconciliation.Not only will you tell me your emotions, but also for my being, but also in tribute to my blog vigorously.I did not have time to care about your love, but you did not mind, so the mind, it is admirable.You know my body is not so good, you sent me thousands of miles away from the tonic herbs.You say that you do not have manipulated at home.But for me, but you are yourself eleven to try, and you are good to me, I do not know how to repay.Although I consider myself a very good and gentle woman, but compared it with your innocence and kindness, and mention the hanging tooth?Where you learn more daring example of?  Some time ago, you are entitled “tacit” a small piece of paper inside told me: “Sister, you are really good, I have been very grateful is not God’s arrangement, it is too blessing me this girl, because from the moment we met, I would be for you to generate a very strong sense of intimacy, this should be among the first time in my life, I think we may have been similar, so there is no so-called mood birth.I’m not one of those too extroverted child, but with you I can put my emotions tell you always feel like you want to say too many topics, you will tell me a lot, even if we do not say will be tacitly undeclared, because we all love each other, have been recognized by the other was his confidant.”Yes, you are not the kind of extroverted children too, but, good nature makes you extremely brave!  On Friday, when thousands of miles away from you once again sent me a medicinal tonic, the heart filled with moving, I can only say such a word to you: “It makes me uneasy at heart!”I said is the truth, I never had to bear such a deep love of no effort, I feel like I deserve ah.But soon I realized that I only do a better job, you just do not live up to my expectations ah!  When I leave work, under the bridge, I met a 70-year-old woman hawking snacks in the rain.In fact, I do not need, however, Responding to your kindness, I did not hesitate to purchase.And when I’m going across the street, under a bridge with a curling sleepers, I can not change his situation, he had to steaming the corn just bought on his hands.Xiu Xiu, you are good to me, you Emotion Shigeyoshi to me, not only in language, but in action.Currently, the only thing I can do, is to take care of friendship between us, good continuation of this world the truth!I can not let you down, right?    Part II: Huakaihuaxie bonds of flowers all over the floor, one after another around the wound provoke the Red.Yan ink fleeting youth write, paint a mesmerizing, dreamlike world of mortals picture, lost in the bottomless carnal in.Who on earth tired, you will have the United States.Buddha said: I am your past life five hundred times Looking back.Only this life in exchange for a pass.I said: You are my eternal cycle only unforgettable look forward to.A few students displaced, several world waiting, suffering several times, I have been begging for this several times before Buddha.Just to be with you on the bonds of knot Sansei Stone.Nightlife net smile, hundred pro-life.Palaces Prostitute no color.For this purpose to confuse how much tenderness to make Empress Dowager.This Allure smile who blurred eyes, drunk who wish.Moonlight spilled, love Fu word, ask the stars song, waving breeze chord, and the bomb and hope, and song and weep spectrum of a Red forever love song for you, gorgeous Millennium Dream.  Bustling cleared, leaving behind only the clear film.Lost in the hazy.Friendship is also hazy.Unrivaled support a paper umbrella hovering in the fragrant garden path, any thoughts converging countless string rain, wave Sasa, splashing heart Philippines.Messy mind.Only “pine end is not wide, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish” dance with.With them were drunk.  Edge to edge margin bulk water.Abstract ray of bonds of this world, shine Bana.Even forgotten in reincarnation.Even if you wear Red, through love, stranding memory, still dusty you could not smile.You did not want to be lonely, and loneliness is more than just like you.Persevering “difficult situation must not the old days, like the twin-wire heart, eventually Chien-knot” .Dream love love and blessing two vast Tears stained towel provoke dreamer awoke chapter three: [transit bonds of nearly moonlight, blue sky galaxy far.End of the World State monopoly gone, lone lamp in sleep.Smells Butterfly Dance Concert For heart is not free.Drunk throwing red beans Qing Yin Fu, in the hearts of Iraqis].  The war in southern Xinjiang untimely death of his beloved wife, twenty years between life and death.Think about love, love memorable, paradise Nowhere bleak.  [Tall lean on a railing, casual glance, kite negative rotation sky.Dicui sweetly, sweet Lingxiang].  [Butterfly dream, eyes dim.A drunk swing shake clouds, Red Bank Red River kapok].  You suddenly came from the banks of the Red River, the Moonlight Court, the moonlight, I see your eyes beautiful and clear, better than the sparkling waves of the Red River.Distant frogs, vast fields.To look up before they see you wandering around in the veil wonderful slow song, gentle enough to croon, dance skirt flying, bright eyes smile, the woman’s prosthetic fragrance bright open.Familiar to swallow to return, she is, is she – my lover.I feel surging.  Autumn in August.At this point, my heart has been a long dream, wet, soft.You across the sky like a blue wizard, the shuttle in my poetry, painting, piano, the dream.Term heart mountain stream buzz, Reflection of the Moon, orchids bloom.Complex slightest sway Yang Yang to bursting out in March of burning red kapok.All the way to nowhere, butterfly Looking back, Lanting snow, aspirations to the Central Plains, the Huang-Huai Chi, Mengzi settled.Accompanied by your breath and magic thinking, yet pursuing the perfect romantic bridges different nightmare, let’s figure magic scattered flowers into the sky, whether it is day and night, into the secret heart of the splendid.  Your smiles, leisurely and slowly.Numerous day and night, I quietly overlooking eyes closed, so that the eyes of the soul through time and space barriers, stoned, in the back of your beautiful vibrant in.Seems to think you have a weak obsequiousness Daiyu; Qing Zhao railings talent; Yuhuan million species style.There are roses blooming; cactus evergreen; rareness of noble.  Childhood sweetheart, in my heart is perfect.Your presence makes me at once into a whirlpool of love.You do not want to replace her in my heart, show your charming and tenderness.I would not go back for frankly, my heart, misty rain and fog, [some bizarre love, Chennai mountains and rivers, honestly not fit.Wu Ti florid, each unhappy years of the Yi Mai, time is difficult to stay; times change, and fear for Love wasted, the roots grow old.And Iraqis far apart, only far from thinking.No alternative, But Su-foot red memo, said the cause of this].Yo heaven and earth, sun and moon change, mind you I never had wet picturesque long dream.  A red kapok [Love], [sing Red Bank River butterflies fly].Chiai with written text, gathering dust in Full House heart empty, the shiny, you pray with kapok slender fingers gently put aside.  Kapok in sentimental season, out of the purpose of burning bright red.Warm bonds of like an exquisitely lyrical poetry smoke run a cozy feelings in my heart.Wonderful friend, and I look forward to lonely as the night, the thoughts of the woman spent the autumn in the open.Since [you] touch of red in the coming years, I went into the long-awaited flowers [Iraqi] eyes red makeup, you lingering affection petals, swaying your sweet smile; Qinren swaying your warmth; clouds hair in my gaze drift out of a beautiful landscape.You demure poise, in my eyes give birth to poetic Han Painting, fiery feelings.  [Roots] years, [it is] red kapok year.[Blue] Yin Garden drunk, I open the window of heart for you.[Whispering] Shannon, you curl Nana figure condenses into my eyes in the [season] unrequited love, Ying eye desert spring return [], [] hope of Gong sound, usher Cuiwei] [[fragrance Cotton Tree willing], [eyes closed, quiet, sweet], [this time silence speaks], [heart] in Cotton Tree as you jump, cloud water Zen [] [] flying Qingsi.Are you open your warm palm, holding the hand of a swing.You with a sincere heart, send me an oasis, prairie Yang Spring Head.  When hand, it was Shining Kapok our lasting bonds while flying in the sky.On the air clear cloud hung exhibition kite, wind Miao days of quiet month with star.In your dreams, I played the flute song Red River water Yao magic fragrance under the mountain, you’re like a happy flock of butterflies by Wind Yulu dance from Mengzi glens.And hand in hand with you over a period of four seasons green; and you and singing a pool of dark green wave.I picked the best way to open your hidden incense, the heart ape 9 Teng six turn craze crazy not change; you see through my way out at Imagi heart turn over Sarcina fragrant incense before.  Dependent Xiangxi day, you are red memo, I’m fine print, hold up colorful colorful line of poetry.Encourage each other, share a sweet and sad, melancholy and joy to play together.Busy watching Pretrial blossom, slow with the outer space Yunjuanyunshu.Thick sweet day in our hearts sloshing out of the ripples, and depending on the relative, so minds.Wash away the warm bonds of beautiful oath, then, there is today Fengming kapok and future life together.