Propped purple umbrella, I was wandering in a rainy season.    Leaning against a tree, it does not ask how many how many vicissitudes age after which I have put my trust, it grows in the sky, which is its significance at the moment.There are a lot of thoughts too late to eleven finishing, they rush to pass by in an instant, I had to be in a gentle spring sunshine, wrote a long poem for themselves and this piece of the sky, as the index for some thoughts to miss in the future recall the years.It can now come true.In sunny, my eyes busy to pursue it a colorful garden, busy to find my colorful.In this rainy day, I remembered the poem, I think of the dream, but this dream poem, but sunny and nothing to do, I had to give up, do not want to use as the beginning of the next rainy day mood memories.    Just lost its lonely afternoon, he refused to live up time, even if it is just a rainy day, so, in the afternoon wandering the rainy season, and my heart with a touch of sadness accompaniment, and with a little bit of rain, gently knocking my door keys, feel alone sometimes hit, just a touch, but it can feel full and fulfilling.Do not like ecstasy, because a person behind afraid of loneliness; not like sad, scared for fear that the upcoming cheered.I like the subtle feeling, like a layer of gauze to cover the gently blooming bright mind, because the mind will not be as eager to become calm, but also because of the weight and become no longer Brisk.So perhaps closer to happiness, this state of mind is more suitable against all smile, smile is so soft, is so calm.    I do not think anything special, just stolen a moment of tranquility and enjoy being on temporal and spatial distance, people.Thinking off and on during the time and on the topic of life, weigh so wonderful in the end what will one day I left, so what should I do to retain?A leaf hit by the rain falling in my eyes, perhaps each of us lives are like that leaves, high above the lush thrive when life, believe in the power and miracles, but ultimately unavoidable baptism of wind and rain, the ultimate in low and secluded at thinking about the meaning of life, with compassion and forgiving heart, looking a place to live once, also contented classified the earth, I wish to pray the next generation of life!Wind is still blowing, dancing a rain dance umbrella branch unknown face, I tried to make a song of your heart and its beat, to be able to hear its gentle tell.Nightlife net I was walking on the road, never looking forward to come to its end.May the rain washed away the dust of my heart, let the wind bring clean and spirituality from distant places, whether it is sunny or drizzle, whether it is sunny or rainy day in the poetry of nostalgia, I know it all I parked resting place.    Not always under the rain, the sun does not have a brilliant day.Just rain, gave me an excuse to let my hand wander idle in this anonymous poetry, the so sufficient.I was able to walk alone in the lonely, just because I believe, eventually my way home one, where the lights are always as old as my mother’s eyes waiting for belated child, I did not afraid of reasons the same is true, only because I believe, will always have a warm waiting for me, just as my mother’s touch!