The constellation born on April 7 is Aries, and the birth date of Aries is from March 21 to April 20 in the new calendar.. Aries, also known as Aries, is the fire sign. It is the first sign in Zodiac and the dominant star is Mars.. Aries is the first constellation in inside in spring. Enthusiasm, sunshine and optimism are all the vitality that spring brings to Aries.. These characteristics make Aries pay less attention to details in their speech and work and are careless..   The sun is set on Aries, Some Like It Hot, who loves freedom and is free and bold.. I never hide my emotions. I write all my joys and sorrows on my face.. Love freedom, love adventure, energetic, once identified goals will go all out. They are not satisfied with the dull and slow pace of life, and like to rush in front of the superiority complex.. With fiery passion and an irresistible fighting force, not afraid of hardships and setbacks, with the spirit of not allowing oneself to lag behind others and enjoying the value of self-existence. Even in the case of complete failure, they still have the attitude of regrouping and moving forward..   They are usually full of decisiveness, do not know POPOMAMA, do not pay attention to details and have no patience.. In addition, Aries is still a tempestuous person with a foul face if he doesn’t agree with you, but after only three minutes they will forget their previous unhappiness and sail the boat of friendship with you again.. Aries always writes everything on her face so that others can easily master your emotions.. You always have a momentum in doing things, giving people a positive sense of progress. this feeling can also infect others unconsciously. when you see your vitality and sunshine, everyone will be full of energy..   Aries for their thoughts, the brain hasn’t finished reaction, the body has rushed out, execution is full of firepower. For Aries, it is better to do it once for a thousand times. How can you know your limits without trying?. Aries people can be summed up in one sentence as hot-tempered hot-blooded talent. They are frank, frank, generous, impulsive and careless. Completion is the only choice for their established goals. Aries people do not give themselves other choices and have strong determination and perseverance..   Aries people are more nervous, informal, they will not pursue too much for details, if Aries is asked to do something that needs to be researched repeatedly, he may turn against you.. Aries’ mouth is not controlled by the brain, but only by emotions. It is often over the mouth addiction, and falling out is so easy.. The other active flour is rash, impulsive, hot in three minutes, and easy to get into trouble..   Aries’ anger and anger are all written on her face, and her irritable temper is also easy to offend others and become the weakness of the other party’s attack.. Not being considerate in speaking and doing things, careless in paying attention to details and often self-centered, it will leave a negative impression of low EQ.. Aries’ mouth is not controlled by the brain, but only by emotions. It is often over the mouth addiction, and falling out is so easy.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.