really.Gu Changqin watching from afar, and my heart only sighs, or not.
  ”Dad, I’m back.”Pei Dai Jun entered the room, took off his jacket to jacket, the house has central heating, hot red face is also up early to shop break point, only Pei Naochun shop, the table is a table of hot pot, rich aroma filled the whole house.
  ”Yeah back!”Pei Naochun nodded, he smiling, and Gu Zhangqin far as a right, to know the result, too, this does not live up to expectations.Can not say kid, this all forty people, do ye so not on the road?
  Gu Changqin quickly revealed the begging of small eyes, tonight’s opportunity, but he prayed several times a Naochun Pei Pei Naochun very cooperative, carrying his daughter’s hand, silently than out of a OK gesture, they took They served, on the table quite simple device, it is the direct use of the 南宁桑拿cooker and bought mandarin duck pot, the fight is half the tomato half seafood bone, it is next to a table of chopped vegetables, the store did not arrange television, but Pei Daijun helped buy a projector.
  Pei Dai Jun startled front projector control, adjust the tone forward to seeing to the international news –
  ”Dai Jun南宁桑拿, how to see the big international news at night?”Pei Naochun face frustration, quietly in his own daughter’s hand, looking for a long time, picked a Carnival party, began to play, and that on top of being singing and dancing, a bustling.
  All three were round the table, the table soup has begun to take bubble, the ground running, water travel, eight pole could not beat something on the bottom of the pot, but subtly brings together.
  Pei Naochun like inadvertently, suddenly spoke up: “Dai Jun, you with me every day an old man, will not be bored?”
  ”Why be bored?”She was a little surprised, fear is a person cranky father,” I can now live a rich, serious work to work, from work to talk to you,