So this time he did not put tofu on the ground knocked.
  Cheers rang out around.
  West homework in the classroom, completely free from the influence of other people, because he was used to it, every school or school classroom so busy, but the students also develop a habit, not the toilet after class, the school bell rang, they Urine on inflation, and the teacher w苏州夜网ould not let them report it to the toilet, they go to the toilet outside playing tofu, hear the bell went to the toilet urinated return to the classroom.
  The teacher scolded them do not work, they say that senior people are so dry.
  West finished the teacher assigned homework, and turned Miaole Yan was北京风月网 having a full swing Lu Jianxun, he stood several tofu pocket, his left hand still holding a few, with the eyes of people playing rock tofu, along with the ground tofu motionless, he was pleased to clap jumped up from the ground, “you did not play when I know you do not hit the turn, my tofu is treated with a special way, you do not turn to play.”
  ”Is it?I have not heard loud noise.”
  Lu Jianxun eyebrow, picked up his tofu, close to a two-tone lips Kazakhstan, “You certainly do not know, I used to drown out the table legs.”Tofu four stacked together, the gray Lu Jianxun exaggerated rubbed tofu, too right Yongliyipai gas, four tofu are brought up, the two faces turned, Lu Jianxun laugh,” two, two turned face up.”
  Than the first examination had still excited.
  West turned Wangle Yan out of the window, the rhythm of the days and float th杭州桑拿e rain, just about to call Lu Jianxun home, on the table the more out two pencils, Lu Jianxun aisle stood sweating profusely, “West to close the , tetra win.”
  Lu Jianxun triumphant pencil resting on the West textbooks, he won 13 tofu, for a two pencils, but for the rain, but also to win a few today, “West ah, but also to pick you up tomorrow tetra.”Not only tomorrow, day after tomorrow