Autumn is not just mature and harvest, fall more of a wait and hope.The same day, embrace and give up, turn around and face, will get completely different feeling.  It now has, perhaps among the most correct and precious life; feel bland, perhaps someone else and not think of.Treasure their own, live in the moment, most people are sensible efforts.  Some people like places of debauchery, was yearning crowds scenes, some people feel very face style Qianhuhouyong.But no amount of friends eventually dispersed, then buddies iron will not accompany you come to the end of life.Appreciate and cherish a person reading open book, ink brush and trance thoughts, quietly waiting for those days it!Sometimes the mind alone than the hustle and bustle made us understand life better.  Distinguish what is ultimately flows from our helpless eyes to what is already shedding flashy, funky among our hearts forever, far more meaningful calculations all day long, the heart will not be disrupted trivia those of much ado about nothing.  Do not take the mirror to go according to their imperfections, how comfortable would only see others, resulting in endless disappointment.Learn to appreciate your own bed of roses bit, it will increasingly find themselves the days of the original is also very good.Always remember, others sun overhead, the sun in his heart.Want to be happy and self-esteem from others, they pay far less hard to create happiness is more dignified.  The autumn sun most sinister, most cool late autumn weather.Do not complain about the hard work and sometimes also lose money, not make money earned will understand this truth thick and then can not learn from books.  Autumn thought the most mature, most thought the fall of Apprehension.