Always think that father is a careless noun, always think that father has a cold and hard heart, always think that father will only speak in an octave.     On weekdays, when I call home, I always dial my mother’s cellphone, because the landline is usually answered by my father, and we basically have nothing to say. In addition to my simple greetings and care, my father never said a few more words and always said,’ Do you want to call your mother to pick it up or hang it up if it’s nothing?’ before I could answer, there has been a’ doodle’ broken line over there.     This Spring Festival came home, but it changed my usual view of my father, who was also a warm father full of love..     That day, my father called me to the old house to help lift an altar of old wine. The old house was hidden under the verdant bamboo forest, and no one had lived for 20 years. Only the cactus unfurled in front of the house still stood tall and straight for four seasons.. My father kept some chickens and rabbits in the back room, with some lively atmosphere in his life..     In the autumn harvest, my father will brew dozens of jars of rice wine, and the old house will taste like a wine cellar. Most of the wines made by my father were bought by the whole altar in my neighborhood, because they didn’t depend on this business. We all know that my father’s wines are pure in taste and affordable. We often say that he doesn’t have enough money to sell and let him drink them. My father will say how much he can drink in his life and sell them. They all say our wine is good.. I think my father is proud to be satisfied with this saying. The dutiful cultivators may only care about the approval and love of their neighbors, and in their eyes, nostalgia always trumps interest..     He followed his father to the main house and watched him wipe his shoulder pole with a towel. I guess he must be afraid of soiling my clothes, because the plowman’s tool is a good companion in the daily life, and he doesn’t need to wipe it carefully at all.. I suddenly felt a little guilty. Did our casual behavior hurt him and make him feel that we are not touching the soil with affectation?? Watching my father move the wine rope as far as possible over there, I smiled and said, ” Dad, don’t do this. I can carry it.”.     ‘ carried to move? Just shoulder light, walk the road is heavy. ‘ father smile to remind. Looking at his father’s gray hair flowing in the sun, it looks like a simple and childless family flower, opening in early spring in Yuan Ye, quietly sticking to my heart.     While washing clothes, my father was busy looking for leather gloves and quietly handed them to me and started the water pump – in fact, there was still water in the water storage tank.. I remember a winter mother said that the fresh water was warmer because the well water was warm in winter and cool in summer. I didn’t know that my father didn’t draw water because he was afraid of my cold. Suddenly, my heart was hot. My father was considerate and caring. He was always caring for his children. Although he didn’t say a word, his heart was saturated with filar silk..     When I was a child, I followed my father to see the night play. I ran joyfully on the ridge, which was narrow enough to allow only one person to walk. My father could only follow with one foot deep and one foot shallow, and also told me not to fall down from time to time..     When I think of my teenage years, when I went home sad and angry, my father said that people would not starve to death at home if they didn’t treat you well..     When you think of starting a family, you seldom give your parents material things. Even if you do, your parents will return secretly and always say,’ As long as you have a better life, we have more money than you, and honor us when you are old! ‘ but, father has passed the age of old, mother has also been in poor health.     ‘ kiss alive, not far away. I feel very deeply about those who are married to other countries. That kind of care and miss haunts the soul of homesickness on every day of reunion and in every helpless night..     Father is a simple and silent term. Father has a warm and thick heart. In fact, father will speak softly.. I hope I have the ability to repay, and my parents are still in good health!