After the divorce and his mother, stepfather 200,000 to take me to him when the daughter, the first thing to know the truth I broke into tears after graduating from college, is to go to the court hearing the divorce case my mother and stepfather, mother stepfather finally here nothing unreached, my mother and how come, how to leave the home.Looked at the mother’s face powder thick, I deride to laugh, this is the result of her fall Tieshanglai?Ultimately not by his own mouth to abandon the so-called rich?After leaving the stepfather independent stately home, I started to feel very free and comfortable, although the university four years I rarely go home, but they are tired of that old pervert stepfather, but have to say that his son is still very very good a good boy, a 2-year-old than me, each is very polite call my sister, nothing like annoying as his father.So, the day stepfather found me and asked me not to marry his son, I was surprised, and a little chuckle!Stepfather, said his son out of work, or a few years, the group of fair-weather friends all day just like the business world together promiscuity, he worried that this continues to go on indulgence, his only son is going to destroy the baby, he wanted to find a notice of management girlfriend get married, let him set qualitative.It does not seek perfect match, but it must be a good girl.But he said with his son when his son said, do not want to get married, unless the object is me.He’s the answer actually surprised me, more than I had liked him, he liked me a long time ah?I was shy when I do not know how open, stepfather handed me a card saying: There are 200 000, to be the father of your graduation gift, buy something they need it!In fact, we live together all these years, though not how you had at home, but my father know that you are a good girl character behaved, although I and your mother’s things…However, Qiao Liang (his son) said, want to marry you, although I had an accident, but I was able to accept, after all, you know too much of.I was immersed in the joy of going to marry a rich handsome in such good condition after all, it is like another person, which would upset the girl does?Qiao Liang immediately to a telephone call, about to share the joy, to tell him that I have promised him to do his father’s bride.But after the meeting, Qiao Liang but accidentally said something: either your mother told me, I did not know you’d want to marry me yet!Huafeng go to my mother, I feel a little strange, because after all, I did not tell my mother mentioned something like Qiao Feng ah, aware of her own out?Small North, you are pregnant with my child, and also why think so much?Anyway, I will marry your friends!What do you mean?When I was pregnant with your child?Your mom ah!Say you are pregnant, after all, the last time in the KTV is that I am wrong, and I had too much wine, I did not know you did that kind of thing, look after your pretending nothing, like you, I thought you did not want to reinstituted hate me.Qiao Liang, you’re drunk, but my mind did not yet?When you and I had a relationship of?That I take you to the hotel, but you get into after I left, you really drunk unconscious, but you did not do such a thing you do not know?Your mother came running to me and my dad said, Is there any mother would take his own daughter’s innocence to cheat?Because of this, my dad immediately feel unworthy of you and your son, so the spot gave your mother a check for one million.Qiao Liang did not want to hear and then go on, these are non-existent, and the mother took one million things did not even mentioned to me, I immediately called to find her on the spot dumped her a slap in the face!I do not know his mother was so busy, I have nothing to feed the family face remarry?Even the man I really like!what should I do?You have to marry?