Recalling the past, a little east.Butterflies fly, half red makeup topcoat.  There are always sad, haggard people.Wet to make fireworks, tears no see.  Days of tears, tears candle.Days tears sound, tangible Zhulei.  Thus, the month drunk, drunk the night, I have drunk.  Before I, you were me, forget the roots of the millennium.  This life, I’m yours, do the Red dye, cleared long for the sad.  May people still silent, a few years in the number of transit the Red reincarnation.  Resentment wind, water, raw cold, hibiscus Allure, very fragrant peony.  Tap shadow refers to shake Allure injury, colorful dreams, lost buried under the Indus rain.  Love life live Acacia tears, also a wet dream color dawn.  Stylus into the wound, sharp words with tears.  Street song festival, Acacia does not cry, do not be troubled.  Half-looking, right close does not meet.  That I love long, composed a head of Acacia.  Cunduan enterohepatic, love without regret.  Single chair to the window, in the wind, two eyebrows, Acacia exhaustion.  End of the World alone, drunk alone huan.  Past and gone, Looking back, the past has become a trend.  Come to a close, listen, one from the song.  Best not to meet, so can not fall in love.  Best not to know each other, so can not Acacia.  The best is not accompanied, so then you may not owe.  Best not to fall in love, so then you do not know each other.  Best not dependent, so can not sea.  Best not to meet, so can not spend.  Awakened a step, a step distressed.  Iraqis whom gaunt, aged a face, for whom Acacia?  Off the bustling Kam, half drunk and half clear, you can not afford to cut the tenderness!  Wen: ApplebeibeiQQ: 263532465