We have learned to ask investors to invest in stocks Warren Buffett, Buffett said: the stock is a huge risk of investment, if you will, I give you to do two tests, you will understand.    Then, Buffett took out two pieces of paper, the first sheet of paper to write this sentence: an option, there is a 75% probability to get $ 1,000, as well as a 25% probability get nothing.In the second sheet of paper, close-up of Buffy are: Option dialogue B, is determined to get to $ 700.    Holding two sheets of paper, Buffett asked investors who: are you willing to choose one or b it?Investors are talking about for a while, and then almost in unison said: of course, choose a b.When Buffett asked them why they make such a choice, a shareholders said: pick one and 25 percent do not get a chance, as the election b more secure, makes money, how wonderful.    Buffett did not comment on everyone’s choice.He took out two pieces of paper: Let’s take the second test.Then, on two sheets respectively Buffett wrote: Option A, 75% chance to pay $ 1,000, but there is a 25% chance did not have to pay; Option B, to determine pay $ 700.When Buffett asks you to choose which one, almost all of the investors have a choice, in their view, B items to pay $ 700, a term with 25 percent chance of not paying, so the risk will be smaller.    Done two tests, Buffett said: Now I can tell you why you can not make big money in the stock market, it is because you are risk-averse, this mentality can only win when you make a little money to win, and in the loss, loss but it is a lot of money.    Do not take risks and they can be successful, even Warren Buffett can not do it.