When a spare, my favorite is the old mortar bookstore.Whenever I put down exposure to a put down, next to a notebook books, they invariably strikes a sense of the long-awaited reunion of the lovers, the excitement, the joy, the feeling of overflowing moving body.Own interest in reading owes much to the old bookstore, where I forged a bond with the book.Old bookstore is a rich yet to be mined gold reserves, from scouring the “gold”.Here low price of books sold in regular bookstores newly published masterpiece often takes tens of dollars, but a few dollars here or can be bought.Not only that, I pay more attention to rare books store pirated books, books sold in various publishing era, most of them have read the scene, there is a history of vicissitudes and heavy, they are experienced and witnessed for years By.    In fact, the books industry is increasingly withered, and a rare one or two small cities of the old bookstore, because of increasingly scarce and more valuable anti.Old bookstores generally do not pay attention to the decoration, far less elegant and stately regular bookstore environment, even so, but charming, wandering around the meantime or Taoshu or enjoy, like roaming in the wilderness in the mountains, do not have a natural, fresh taste.    In a weekend morning, I went to a bookstore only a dozen square meters of the old stop reading.Bookstore owner is a more than 50-year-old woman, modestly dressed, his face revealing confused and tired.    ”I heard that now popular e-books, books like after we come here no one will buy, is that right?”Female boss about the prospects for the industry was worried about books.    ”E-books can never replace paper books.Read the mood and feel of the e-book simply can not be compared to reading a paper book, market prospects will be good books.”I almost did not hesitate to talk about their views.    Female boss Zhou Zhao brow, and people all of a sudden a lot of spirit, “a good choose it, we store plenty of good books, picking out all my own books from home a.If you have a favorite, legacies, I’ll give you a lot of concessions.”Not for comfort or to please the bookstore owner, this stems from my kind of books is difficult to leave the complex.I do not want to see a lot of profound historical memory books disappear from view in.Although the book may be reprinted, but history will not come again.    Female boss worries might be evidence-based.People are confused by the materialistic world, day and night to earn money, work, pleasure, how many people are willing to sink in the heart come and read it?Perhaps an occasional glance at the “e-books”, most of it can only be regarded pastime?I am a reflection of relatively slow people on the Information Age, today read “e-books” did not develop the habit.According to my observation, the crowd around them is not necessarily how high spirits.Too many people were captured by a mobile phone, television, Internet, overwhelmed by the mass of information, pan-entertainment television screens, bizarre world of the Internet to stay away from life, away from the soul, away from family, away from love – this seems to be what the media selling point.In recent years, the state’s emphasis on cultural construction can be said is unprecedented, spending huge sums to town, village to build a library, Farm House.Can the reality is very few people borrow a lot of books lying quietly in a new bookcase, such as “left women” as unattended, reduced to mere performance of the housing and ornate furnishings.Even if the general promotion of the free and open, county-level libraries also a visitor, and bleak deserted.5,000 years of ancient civilization, is suffering the embarrassment of reading and crisis.    Mr. Zhou Guoping writer said: “In a sense, a spiritual quality of a nation depends on the proportion of the population in high-interest readers.”I can not imagine, not a reading nation in the future will be what.    I read two directions emphasis on foreign Classics.They are after washing out of the pearl years, contains infinite wisdom, beyond time and space shine with the light of wisdom.Read the classics, to bring joy and spiritual enrichment is wonderful.Each classic are the essence of genius or wise thoughts.They stood on the summit of human wisdom temple, or think about life, or perception of the times, or point out problems, full of insights, sow love, kindness and justice.Read classics like ears listen to the teachings of the wise, people’s spiritual purification, detached and tranquility.Although the study can not allow ourselves in this world which changes as yourself wish to, but reading it can change your thinking and mood.Change the mind and the heart, showing the world in front of you will be another round of scenery.You will find that bothering you all the pain, boredom, worry and resentment really depends inner self, classic brought to us is based on self-understanding, self positive energy to overcome.    Three great wit the Qing Ji Xiaolan is “Si Ku Quan Shu,” the compilation of the total, while his book was very little, only a “Book Notes” handed down.”There is an old saying that ‘s all for the best, for us to say why,” tells a reader’s frank.A “Dream of Red Mansions” Cao Xueqin devoted a lifetime of effort, and only completed the first eighty chapters, in one fell swoop seized on Chinese literature Shi Guiguan the most brilliant pearl.In the halls of ideology and culture in, has a lofty position I thought, two thousand years no matter how things change, although once had been misread, extraordinary wisdom, but its a great impact on China and the thought of all mankind and moral awareness, a mere five thousand words “moral” and many Nobel Prize winners became highly respected classic.A writer should never be real value in order to produce the amount of work to judge, can create fine touch with a tenacious vitality of the human soul, is the measure of the value of its vitality.Does this mean that manufacture products like industrial assembly line like so-called best-selling author should not reflect on it?No matter how much a halo over his head, whether he was on the list of the richest writer first few rows A covered secular and mercenary things will never be recognized by the noble spirit of the world, will be the vast tide of history engulf.    Four Schopenhauer said: “When reading, instead of thinking about others.”He added:” Regular reading, a little spare time to reading practice, more than the human mind continued paralysis of manual labor.”Schopenhauer is not in favor of well-read, he believes that reading too much will be occupied by other people’s thoughts, you can not to think alone can not generate their own ideas, rather than thinking only reading will be meaningless reading.    Personally experience, the CD reading and reading, will be harming their own.A growth in the examination-oriented education system under the influence of the modern, the number of (mostly textbooks) from elementary, middle and high school to college by reading the book, no less than any of the ancients, including the ancient sages sages.Puzzling is that, it is hard to produce philosophers like Lao Tzu, Confucius, Socrates, Shakespeare as thinker.Many people read so many books, it has become not thinking; read so many books, one by one rather endowment of genius eventually became commonplace generation.Of course, growth factors influence a person is very complex, which can not be attributed reading.Some people say, now do not they produce a lot of scholars, writers, thinkers do?As is.But in terms of the depth of modern life, to life, the universe’s natural to think, far less than the ancients.Perhaps this comparison is not wise approach may be biased.However, stagnation or retrogression ability to think, really make life in the era of information explosion of us to shame.When reading, maintain a sober, independent thinking and learn, over time, a person’s realm will be raised.    Confucius said: Learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous.Ming Dynasty Daru Zhu Xi said, reading of the law, in a gradual, familiar and refined thinking.As knowledge reading porters, thereby obtaining Di only be transported raw material B from A.Thinking like a sculptor, only to transport raw materials to the ingenious idea, carefully polished it be possible to create a monumental work of art has a life.Also, think of the lack of learning, will become a river without water, without trees, the mind will not only clean dried up, and the riverbed will make the mind cracks.Such thinking will make people short-sighted, superficial, confusion, and even humble.My view: intensive reading several books a year, to grasp the essence of thought; with the soul to read: stuck when thinking of the time, so inspiring to read.    Five with me from childhood along the way intimate partner, is comic, also known as “comic”.It carries me many good memories, I happily Boat Sailing.It is like a friend sharing weal and woe, always care of my mind, become an important part of my spiritual life indispensable.I vowed to become his own comic interests and hobbies of historical knowledge, historical allusions, Chinese and foreign literary classics from the comic strip is the beginning of knowledge, reading collection.    Thirty years, I have a collection of various periods of the Republic of China, liberation, the Cultural Revolution and the eighties thousands of comic books, etc..A considerable part of my salary, buy comic books for the exchange, which is not well-off families to this economy added a bit short of money.Although repeated wife complain, but silly die hard.People ah, sometimes really listen to reason, to always fond of their favorite things.    Admittedly, comic books greatly influenced and changed their values and way of life.Mr. Lu said comic book “not only an art, and art has been sitting inside the Palace.”As a cultural arts palace wonderful work, a considerable part of the comic book is based on ancient and modern classics of outstanding cultural adaptation of the painting, has a very high human and artistic value, contains a wealth of philosophy of life, gives a stirring of the United States enjoy.In the fifties and sixties and the beginning of reform and opening up, it has been leading the social trends and people’s values, became mainstream spiritual books, the impact of education generations.Starting in the late eighties, comics began to decline, the rain-delayed our generation infinite sadness.Diversified social life of materialism and cultural needs, and ultimately make this elegant art form forgotten by the market and the public and instead become the darling of collectors, its value climbed hundreds of times.This is also from another angle, something of real value is time-tested, time can not erase it from people’s spiritual world.    ”Comic” is the subject of reading children.Today’s children are no longer in love with “comic”, and replaced by a full murder, violence, pornography, fantasy, anime does not make sense, online games.We should reflect: to bring these things to the children what kind of education?Child’s heart has been what effect?All around us, the lack of ideals and beliefs, lack of personality, withdrawn, regardless of good and evil, a growing number of children addicted to online games, to carry hope to achieve the great Chinese dream of a generation, are suffering a crisis of survival and spiritual crisis of a severe test.In the profit-oriented education, many children’s innocence and childlike, pure, kind is a step away them away.These in our childhood is unthinkable.Cultivate children’s healthy reading habits, to help children build a spiritual home, it is to save the future of our nation.