Part One: persistent forward, breaking the self-journey of life has always been ups and downs, but life is woven together by the laughter and tears, like the movie character, whether it is leading and supporting or extras, just do this points, trick play well, to the difficult challenges beyond their own, the true meaning of life is to know how to break through self-expression.  Failure is not shameful, shameful is no longer the courage to stand up and accept the challenge, and blindly to escape, afraid to face reality!  The sky rained on the ground slippery, own their own climb fall.When you encounter difficulties, without self-pity, and without being dragged one, to get up from the mud, it is important to have a challenge of the heart, can save itself.Fell pick themselves up again, and then gathered pace, then go toward, persistent forward, is the brave performance.  Bumpy road of life, only to challenge themselves to go forward.And to challenge yourself as a sharp knife and used it to cut thorns except journey, beyond the peak, beyond their own, self-break.  Life’s journey, there are countless setbacks, but setbacks in the journey of life is just a small episode, the frustration of people down, if not perk, you can not achieve self.Crackdown frustration without fear, that it is a good opportunity to challenge themselves.Pick up confidence and to challenge themselves, breaking the previous record of bad, from now on, the challenge when the compass failed when the touchstone, bravely challenge yourself, and overcome their own, beyond the self, leading to the forward.  Life is like a long journey, there is smooth sailing trips have detours, you peace of mind to face the team every day, challenge themselves, persistent forward, as always, go towards the destination.When you reach the terminal care, but the trails, only to find life’s journey been mixed, there is laughter and tears, and even less loss and more, and all this has constituted all of your life’s journey.  Every step of life, every decision made, all form part of our life, so seriously and treat every problem we encountered, seriously deal with, so as not to leave regret.  Life is like a long journey, there is smooth sailing trips have detours, you peace of mind to face the team every day, challenge themselves, persistent forward, break through the self, always brave to go towards the destination.  Process of life is like a process of enlightenment, time and time again you have experienced, experienced, not simply mechanically appear, but to make you move to a higher level of the realm of necessity, dedication to do something , regardless of success and failure, we must have the courage, perseverance forward, forward.  Only people in a state of calm, rational thinking ability, reflect on their own mistakes, so as to stabilize practical tasks.Establish clear goals.With persistent character, stable state of mind.  Without a clear direction, it would be like without a head, like, fast wings fan, but it is flying.Know what they want, by what method to get a step by step plan to require the University, and then need career, then what need, what finally reached.  Grasp one direction, then it is to think carefully, desire is the driving force of progress of human society, can become the driving force to learn more, I believe that if you work hard, perseverance, really need something to sleepless nights to the point , everything is not a problem, it is not a person the ability to test learning, but a man of one thing dedication and self-breakthrough, convinced that persistence is the key to all success, then there is no problem.  To break their own, need to develop the ability, if you do not have the ability to climbing, the tall peaks will miss you.  If the walk difficult, and that the winding mountain road, how to board on a flat road, if you do not pay attention to capacity-building, but also how it has the ability to break through their.  People in this life, only continue to break through the self before they can climb like that is inserted into the clouds, the sky’s summit broke straight.  People in this life, only continue to go beyond the self in order to do the tree out of broken stone, standing crisis peak welcoming song.  People in this life, and only continue to improve themselves in order to become that spark a prairie fire of flash.    Part II: Breakthrough their most two days I’ve been listening to Comrade Meng said the marketing department how to break through their own words, and finally I see the results she did break his own.The first day to think of self Octopus, I saw her almost every day to share some things go on stage, a short story from the very beginning, this morning, to stretch the three themes.I feel she has been delivered to me a signal that break their own, to achieve myself, I felt an interview with her idea, I want to see this little girl had sustained when the idea of doing one thing, and What kind of power she had the courage to continue.  Started going to the market several times, looked at the little girl in serious work, could not bear to disturb.Next listened call her voice, looked at her state of mind I feel this head is not high, how about a little girl to convey a positive force for others.I stood in the hallway, I can not help thinking to right: Everyone in their lifetime will play what role, and is based on the mentality of how to complete a variety of tasks in this role play to go.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) and Meng in the conversation, she told me that he is actually timid and afraid to speak in crowded places.She also said that prior to each share, are carefully prepared, I will read the day before the night several times to share stories and topics, and in your own words summarize the classic reflections.I feel it, and now she has been poised in front of the stage to speak, there is no cold feet.She said yesterday to the client’s home, her clients suddenly she presided over the company’s employees incentives will, was able to be able to face is not red does not jump in front of a group of strangers to clearly express their views and to allow customers to the company’s convincing, most also benefited from the experience of these days.This also prove, once we break their own, individual actions will make a huge change in human interaction, we can render the self-image and interpersonal relationships, will produce lends a very different creature.All this will ignite the evolution of wanting heart, fully embrace everything that can make life better.  I asked the little dream at the meeting mainly about what she would say since it is employee motivation, she let everyone see her gasification thriving state, and then motivate everyone define their own goals in life.My most memorable sentence, the boss have their own goals, we have to have certain employees, the boss will only help business better and better, we can get better and better.This is a 93-year girl has some sense of purpose, but twenty years of age,.Three years ago I was busy green in college, medical school side, one side ran do news, radio, I know what I love, but do not know how to walk on this street.Establishment of my goals in life, but things only a few months before the implementation of.In recent years, for a comfortable life, the end is at the edge of the green has been busy writing.This year we finally summon the courage, leaving the original good thing, do their own thing is not how a professional.I would like Meng’s words, which is also called break yourself.  Xiao Meng to think that Octopus ten months, this can be a long, say that time or a short time, she said he was really grow up.After graduation has been engaged in the sales job two years ago, has been the target is not clear, do not know what they have to struggle, nor know early battles than the age of the children in the community, and more than they get to experience what.In thinking Octopus ten months, she adjusted her mind, know what they want for the future of life also have a plan.Blessed each person’s life is great, how many people often overlook this point, so as not to know the value of hard work have paid.I still remember the unforgettable first love, I want to bet the same earnest now working life, eventually there will be a dream come true that day.Like our Xiao Meng, her own so clearly what kind of goals to be achieved in the short-term thinking Octopus, long-term to get what kind of experience, so a targeted child, God blessing her reason not to do?  By Meng “to break their own, targeted,” the topic, I still have some desire to talk, if in real life, you never thought about their goals in life, and now too late.Whether you can not find at this time whether the pursuit of self-direction, or if you want to be stubborn heart like an ideal, for the time being they will rest on the side, now all thoughts focused on how to break their own, how to establish life the goal of this topic up.After all, only to achieve a breakthrough themselves, establish life goals, shares will produce subtle driving force, you will increasingly enjoy themselves, will hope to express themselves, they will need to be generated and feel valued.  In addition, I would like to say a little about the benefits of their breakthrough, achieve life goals, once you do that, people can feel their own potential for greatness.And the way you deliver to the people around, maybe just a little trick, a look, or a trivial encounter.When you achieve a breakthrough themselves, to find the exact life goals, you can also make your own life better state when themselves freely, while others enjoy the pleasure of helping.  Remember Xiao Meng said a word a few times to share in the former: in a do not care attitude, to do everything seriously, the harvest is a matter of.I also have something to give to the little girl: on the stage of life, no matter what role you play, have to go into the mind of the protagonist of the play.Just because this scene in our actual life of a role in this is always only such a return, no other performance opportunities.I wish more people around as soon as possible to break their own, to seek their goals in life, so do all play themselves, the person presenting the most exciting from my best side that.    Part three: self-break if a cup, just installed stone, sand or water, seems to be too monotonous, not full, only one cup only installed stone, sand, water and installed in order to achieve a true “full”.  So, we can not confine themselves to a certain advantage, to dare to break their own, before they can climb the peak of life, if their own content with one-sided, not only not on the board that the summit of life, even fiercely fall, then how You can break through the self?  Break through the self, the need for extraordinary vision, when as climber, if the foot look, fear in front of a cliff, the inevitable over-cautious, if the beam extend throughout the mountains, you might be able to understand “would be extremely temporary, list of mountain small “swan song.  After vaguely remember that “air force Nukiyama Come guise, when adverse Come piebald is not death,” Elegy, the hilt that lost a few drops of residual blood drip into the heroic Xiang Yu after the Wujiang River is so prominent in the military, by the most drastic as majestic British hair-like spirit, to win with fewer, consolidated its position, won the young hero’s reputation.It may be powerless on its national affairs, that he had such a tragic end.Him all the way, burning and looting, burning A room, abusing fought, lost the support of the people; to show off their home, loss of morale.So there is no vision, how can we break ourselves.Xiang Yu, in front of the cliff, why you can not lift it looked?  To break their own, we need to cultivate the ability of.If you do not have the ability to climbing, the tall peaks will miss you.Remember that has shown signs of “helpless and chaotic, not the general feeling in their hearts.”.Carefully read, that sadness will be brewing Chunchi Jian lingering a long time, so sad is how stained the boy, it ought to be a “do not know real depression,” the older, noticing that brow Jingsi ask injustice general?Not because that young shoulders the main burden on the subjugation of such heavy charges.If a child, he was raised to be an emperor’s ability, so it will not.If all go on a flat road difficult, and that the winding mountain road, how to board?If you do not pay attention to capacity-building, but also how it has the ability to break through their?  People in this life, only continue to break through the self before they can climb like that is inserted into the clouds, the sky’s summit broke straight.  People in this life, only continue to go beyond the self in order to do the tree out of broken stone, standing crisis peak welcoming song.  People in this life, and only continue to improve themselves in order to become that spark a prairie fire of flash.    Part Four: self-break I do not like this man preach, moreover mouth Zhuo, is to speak, can not speak out of it herself.Here, let me give you something to their own personal experience to set forth with particularity why they have to break through the self, how can we break through the self.  Talk about what a child is particularly embarrassing to do it.”To” and “do” as well as “buy” and “sell”, I always confuse these two.I remember very clearly one thing, in the language class, the teacher in order for me to completely understand how it happened, had taken a number of measures to cool – and hard pointer record.He did not explain to me, just refer to it, read it, and then asked me to read to follow.After about a few minutes, I asked you to remember.Of course, I remember.However, the next thing, I will not forget for a lifetime.What is fair in war, I know better than anyone.Obviously I said yes, according to his head to give me a pointer, I quickly corrected himself and get results sad reminder, but also a pointer, I was silent, but also a pointer.I received the teacher laughed, the students laughed.Since then, I have a nickname – regardless of the sale, to do regardless of fools.Then, I have with teachers and classmates isolation, living alone and the life.Now think about that time, I should loudly protest against this practice teacher, stood his ground, do not let this ridiculous thing to happen to them.  Talk about my little sister.Remember as a child, his father told the young girl next door neighbor to borrow vehicles scooters, ready to use it to pull bags of wheat flour mill, the result of a neighbor’s dog ran out to my sister bite.I propose to find a neighbor to lose money, but also a reminder father quickly took the young girl to the hospital vaccination as a result, his father did not bring the young girl to the hospital, did not go to the neighbors, but especially cursed curse young girl.Although the young girl his arm swollen, severe pain, tears simmering mouth, I did not dare say a word, afraid of being hit.Hey, no sense of security.I have been requested, but was warned several times.Now think about it, I am particularly angry, then you should take am surrounded by death, to protest against this, instead of choosing silence, enhanced unfair treatment proud people.  Very representative of the above type, a child something like this, not to mention.Talk about the big time, I remember I work in the World Trade Center, the squad leader of the group painting – Xiao Yi Liang, always swearing, and I especially hate this uncivilized words.Although others have told me that he is so used to it.Do not know why, felt very uncomfortable, especially when he told me that.One day, I could not, like his bar on the result, I was a trouble for him.So, I listened to the manager suggested that the choice of silence, thought things had passed, can not the case, the situation intensified.Yes, my soul is white, did not expect this to be the dog days of painting a sum, after the silence, there are people like this dog hybrids, with impunity graffiti.I do not know what to do, has preferred to remain silent, this is my father gave my philosophy, this is my philosophy teacher.I am a good boy, well-behaved children of the poor.That is, in a dream, they can about things like this are still infringed.Watching other people the kind of courage, experience against something, immediately returned fire, relentlessly, the result, he won the respect and recognition of others, and proud of the vernal equinox.Yes, why I so alive.Imagine, if the dog days of foul-mouthed, why should not the same and he does.  There are some examples, I will not mention, you should know why I have a breakthrough.Yes, I have a breakthrough.Than later, but right away.Although it was mentioned this argument, then today I would like to cliché.Others how to me, how I treat others, no matter, you are a man of high renown, or the humble people, or loved ones, please do not offend me, if offended, I would never forgive me, I will use the same way to fight back, fight back such efforts will be much larger.There is no sympathy, no pity, no family, and no love, which is the lowest of the principle of one person, please do not offend, that is the lowest of the dignity of a person.I do, just do not want a repeat of the tragedy.  Finally, say, stand up for yourself and cry, break through the self, tomorrow will be better!    Part Five: After the courage to pursue breakthrough debut self once you get to meet Richard status of second place, while the mother, “You do not have to run behind anyone,” he began to struggle and break through the self, then, we see later, several of his unbroken record.It can be seen: the pursuit of courage, self-break, the outcome may be better.  I think you know the world’s highest mountain called Mount Everest, you are familiar with Chinese 110m hurdles champion Liu Xiang, but have you ever know the world’s second largest peak?Learn Chinese hurdler’s second largest master?When the sun hanging in the sky, the stars who would notice it, so, after a breakthrough self, you better make your life more exciting.For that gorgeous wreath, we need to work hard to break through self.  When adversity, the courage to pursue breakthrough is to live a life of self-life color burst premise.The face of nature’s law of the jungle and brutal struggle for survival, songbirds cringe and Hu Chi, so famed swan; the face of indifference desolate desert dry hot and intolerable, vegetation withered cactus and perseverance, so cactus survived.  In life, many of the inconstancy of human relationships, many difficult, many of the probable and improbable.Every time you think all around the dark no longer want, whenever you think God forgot to leave you with a window at the same time as you close the door, you might like the swan and cactus in general, better ourselves and challenge the limit, perhaps to fight not break the death of Lu Yao horse dead, but brilliant bright royal road.When the good times, the courage to pursue, is the pursuit of self-break life more perfect cornerstone.Small plain sailing Li Ka-shing’s son Richard Li, though they have an excellent family, this can leisurely life, but still work hard, alone 500 million Hong Kong dollars will enter the television industry, to create a TV Hong Kong, won the “Little Superman,” said the courage to pursue and after the break through the self, father of Richard Li broke through the aura, so that my life is full of dazzling light.  The courage to pursue, to break through the clutter and go all out after the self is the accumulation of energy and courage, we saw beautiful colorful fireworks after the loud noise is heard, in our limited lives, to go on, looked up, will make it is more exciting.  Whether you consider themselves superior, or living in bleak, I think you can be like Richard, like the pursuit of courage, self-break.Because after that knowledge, you may see more satisfactorily ending.