Part One: Broken study last fall seems only too soon, as if tossing no practical sleep in, inadvertently touching the time button, a wake up to, it is another fall.  The nature of time and the same air, touched the invisible, vague, such as stealth-like groups of people invisible, exist only in people’s consciousness.Void where alternate blooming earth’s most meaningful four flowers: red joy, anger blue, white sorrow, joy green.In which the body, shuttle, unwittingly.Only until a clear seasons, or reminders by a different holidays, only to find the room suddenly turn in the past year, more than half contained, and also to regret belatedly short life has been cut to cut the length of time.Lament the “Four Seasons Yau dealings, cold and heat becomes a thief, stealing flowers people face, black hair away people,” so, accompanied by a slight chill in the desolate state of mind and a sense of fatalism wells Zen.There are always those days, hold a treasure the good times do not know how the distribution and consumption, have a good mood when I do not know with whom to share a total of.As everyone knows, good times and good mood are as ephemeral, time-limited and fleeting.Plan has been hesitant is the passage of time, no longer spend a good month also no longer round, the great tide surging rapids are often sparked process thousands of snow in the buffer is a spring and tenderness thin trickle through a trickle flow the.Shen Shenshen want to have a yard dash, which is planted with all kinds of flowers and trees.Luo climbing vine has spread, there are flowers and plants seasons plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, Guangxi and other.Also, planting a big persimmon tree height, only when the snow, you can see the red lanterns in the snow like a dolphin red persimmon that eternal beacon, winter garden dotted with depression.  I wanted a quiet life in such a yard, away from the noise and distractions of the outside.On a clear day, watching the sun screen from the gap between the branches down, casts the shadow of variegated volatile; windy rainy day or night, in a warm room, hear the wind against the window watching the rain, then, my heart what kind of comparison will be safe and secure it with the comfort Ning Xin?  Has been that quiet is not silent, not lonely, quiet and had a special love.Like to do their own thing, it will have Anyue Ning Jing of mind.  So to think, worry no interference in the life of flowers and trees in the courtyard, quietly, gradually, it becomes part of the landscape.Part II: There is a broken read thoughts, long surrounded by stars dated, in my mind, of a sudden, I want to tell you, in the end what heart.- Inscription in mind early winter afternoon, there is such a rare sunshine, bright and warm, leisurely leaning sitting in the window, any sunshine.  Yes, at this time, I just want to quietly enjoy the sun, and hands the cup filled with the aroma of wanton.  Broken You know, the stars dated thoughts.  Looking down, looking at the cup rose, as water rotates Youde.That’s my kind of mood, a little lazy, a little strange, a little sad.While another side, letting it linger in my side, and this afternoon sun, intertwined.All extreme, and extreme self.Trying to bury his head between his knees, tears slowly across the cheek.This afternoon sun still shines into my heart can not even beautiful, even dazzling, even strong.  I do not expect anything, because I know that luxury is a delusion.Precious things how would anyone be willing to give you.So, I’ve never been disappointed.Feelings, is a mind.Perhaps, she is my kind of.Or perhaps, she is my all.Sell, buy do not go.I’m lazy by his own self in.Such own, without any containment.Did you ever know, so thoughts expensive, in fact, I have a gift you.Sauna net roses, still faint, share aroma always made me hang around.Drink tire, made me drunk.Wake up, to remember, indeed my wishful thinking.Hand gently over his eyes, mouth slightly higher, giggle with their crazy mad.  Read Suddenly, I want to tell you all my all, just because it is often thoughts, recite a.  This time with the sun long gone, if I reach out, whether he can reside for me.An idea, I indulge myself.An idea, I piecemeal.  Pick up bits and pieces, all her each piece, crystal clear, I admit, she is everything to me, not even to pick up the pieces.I still would go picking up all the strength she, like her, belatedly heartless leave.Also because of this tiny sporadic, quietly shed tears, and not accompanied by heartless.Did you ever know, that little sporadic, slowly red, like my blood, like myself.Silent tears, silent tears, deserted and silent, excluding the time, excluding space, and do what I ignore, put together with her, let her original presentation of the original.  Pretending to be strong, Replace, deeply buried, that recite.And accompanied by flowers, shed dust, fermented rose and.  Open the window, the wind gently blowing, blowing cheeks, pulled hair, You open tea.Switched, dropped his arms, and the light smile, only themselves, due to the flat, so true, real, but frankly.    Part III: broken day read like leaves, green yellow and dry, and each cycle of the season, with reincarnation exciting story.Another year has passed, years of quietly changing everything in between facial features, eye gazing with room, and a thin veins engraved in my heart.Soon, too soon, the distance came the sound of sporadic firecrackers, oh, I almost forgot, the Spring Festival, and I’m going home.  Sitting in the car, looking out the window all the familiar and unfamiliar, thoughts like this, like a speeding bus, far and near, for a drifting cloud, one will continue to extend in front of the road, one would then shuttle from yo play in the waves.My heart there is always a voice asking me: “Another year has passed, this year you really gain anything, what have we lost?So many years, why still empty-handed?”I do not know, I really do not know why.I got everything, I lost all.Flowering dream, a dream result, everything is still there, but seems very far away from me, but, anyway, I have been hard to find.Yes, the harvest season, I gotta get something to dedicate to me to support my parents.I deeply love them, just as they also had a deep love me, I do not want to let them down.Car in motion, his thoughts flying high.Far from the house gradually blurred its shadow, his thoughts accumulate into a small point, getting smaller and smaller, more and more light, and finally no.Trance, I had a dream, a dream I sat in a boat, a ship without oars of a small wooden boat, alone floating in the sea.There is no purpose, no direction, I just sat there, sitting in the boat capsize at any time, I cry hoarse, my helpless struggle, I want to leave here, but the raging storm engulfed my fantasy.Suddenly, a burst of rapid vehicle bumps in the corner, I woke up half-asleep dream.He opened his eyes, the same scenery both familiar and strange, like a dream cherished how many times the same scene in front of, but slightly changed.This is exactly what a way to die, as long as the snake winding forward, there is no end.  I’m getting closer home to me, but farther away from home, the memory completely blurred outline hometown.Both sides of the road, straight rows of white Yang Shufei like to stand back with, is not far down the road, one huge black nest prostrate on the gray branches, a few black and white bird perched on the branches.They love home bird, gratitude and not because of climate change and give up the beloved home, known as resident birds.But we do?In order to study away from home; in order to live, for a long time in different places.It seems that we had never really understood the concept of home, never carefully consider the feelings of parents.For the home, we are just a bunch of familiar and unfamiliar guests, and hurried to hastily go, day after day, year after year, in the face of change in wasted emotion to break away in the parting.Yes, we start doomed the final outcome, why this was chosen to go white?Since we can not eliminate the thoughts of suffering, why should a moment in time?Bale Bale, we are all slaves of life, because of inability to change, so everything blindly, but the expense of home parents.finally arrived at home.Grandma alive, parents good health, very good, even comfort.But, long live the old house, walled courtyard has half collapsed, the roof covered with red tiles on the grass, brown green on the door a rusty lock, separated from my life eighteen years old house.  However, among condensate, a brilliant fireworks over the old house bloom, the colors made me suddenly realize: the New Year, I was a long one year old.    Part Four: broken read a man said to me, if you do not like that person, then do not ask how much he loves you.Sometimes, two people always have a love of the two will come a little late.Although many people are aware thunder faster than lightning, not because eyes are in front and long in the back of the ears.  I used to like a song, an impression very cheerful song.But when long, long time I hear this song again, I find that everything has changed the nature of.I do not like it, and even the slightest aversion.I do not understand, it is because what changed?Perhaps a sad feeling, perhaps an illusion of memory, perhaps, people change is inevitable.  I never admit they like the rainy season.It was kind of wet weather, reminiscent of moldy years.But one day, and I find that it is so similar and tears.I began to like the rain, but not because I like tears.  Said one of the little things in life, very, very small, but full of warmth.  Reprimanded a teacher during recess, then do not bother to even do not want to say the students: “exams around the corner!You do not review?!”I saw that the students raised his head slowly, very calmly replied:” I learned the day after tomorrow.””acquired?”” Teacher, you just can not look at a culture, we learn “when Chung Yong hurt” the language teacher has repeatedly stressed ‘the importance of learning the day after tomorrow’!”Sometimes, we always feel that school of hard living tired, so look for the good fun in life, to learn to use a pleasure to cover sub-twentieth of pain.Those scattered in every corner of joy in our hearts, to our exhaustion of life to discover calm.  What the world’s food is wasted?chewing gum.We’re just greedy to that of a short and slightly sweet, and discard those tasteless.Perhaps our life so bitter, so I will think of using it to supplement the good life.Xu hopes that sweetness can flow through the body.Say sweet role of emotional comfort, that we really want to buy a little more chewing gum ah.