”I do not?”Xu Xianglin funny ask.
  ”Do not go, I wear today, this body is not suitable for such unrestrained activities.”Her face apathy.
  ”Well, we play for a while and back to wherever he goes.”
  Then on the micro-Xin long holding tea, sit on the sidelines watching a group of vibrant young man began skating, a pattern for a while, but also for taking the time with the girls next to onlookers approached, laughing with peacocks like.
  Xin long micro curled his lip, bow to play phone.
  Xu Xianglin Wanliaoyihui feel boring, sat down next to her, unscrewed the bottle of water plump filling a few mouthfuls, wipe the mouth, head out to see her cell phone.
  ”Look what, so concentrate.”
  ”Nothing,” she turned off the phone, he turned to look at him, “how not to play?”
  ”You play so well not play, I’m playing too boring, so will you want to go play?”
  Xu Xianglin looked at her, “a little, you’re a little upset today?”