Ji Yao just feel nijo monks scratching their heads, this little daughter, hey what raw gas?Where is he mess with her?
Jiang Chu snappily said: “I do not know who is out doing what good conscience, in all seriousness, had also come back in.”
Yao Ji good gas and funny: “I did what good conscience this is the fault of my wife angry?You’d talk clearly, whatever the outcome, let me know ah dead.”
Then, he grabbed her waist.
Jiang Chu broke his hand, her large eyes staring at him: “that is why you go out?”
“I take a trip Xuancheng Chai ah.”Yao Ji innocent passage.
Jiang Chu girded with a direct throw throw his arms, drum cheek angrily said: “Nonsense!Clearly to philandering, even gird fall outside the!Say!I was not carrying a goblin which kept out?”
Yao Ji took that gird looked on in front, and then looked up to look like a small daughter grumpy, directly apart from anything else, threw gird put her down the middle picked up, strode to the bed go.