The maid said: “No, no, she has been angry and asked the generals are not married, and how to tell her not to get married soon, and said.How can a wife do not get married thanks to her mother, really.Really did not rule.”
  Su pour thin-skinned, face immediately red one, Jia three somewhat annoyed, scattered in the air on who the maid: “Who ate the guts, the courage to handle Mrs.?This home who listen to you in the end?”
  Seeing the maid cry, Su dumping busy up: “I went to visit it.”
  Jia three low voice stopped her: “do not care for her, smoked cigarettes more crazy it, and s北京夜网o she would not dare come back Master made – not enough to get married do not tell her, she kept a young master is not ah.”
  Su was still uneasy cordial: “I’ll see, I could not stick it back again.”
  Six concubine live in penthouse roof slope is outside, is inclined inside ceiling, Su poured junction above a saw shiny cobwebs.Did not close the door, the maid stood outside guarding.
  The room was dark, hanging a lot of cut gauze veil, a rich pungent aroma condensate in the room.
  The veil hanging lifeless to the Soviet Union stood outside the veil gently pour opening: “Grandma, I’m Sue dumping.”
  She imagined reproach not come, no one should she.She waited a moment, lifted the veil walked in, the room is put old furniture, faded general dim, dark flavor in this cage, the same as also it seems drowned.
  She walked to finally disti佛山桑拿nguish a carved wooden bed, bed, also hanging draperies, ambiguous leak out a figure leaning against the lying, the man wearing a dress, and even the dress color is gray, matchstick the same arm loose from clothes to spend.
  Pour Su said: “Grandma, I’m Sue dumping.”
  A quiet moment, as if dead six concubine general motionless, throat issued a hoarse voice, as if sanded the wood tables.Her long way out of the air: “You come, and I opened the curtain.”
  Su pour at the bedside squat, white gauze up the volume a little bit, bed inside and outside the bed as if two differe