Color wounds

A few days ago, there was a big rooster in my family, with a grand appearance and beautiful red hair with colorful spots and bright tails.. The cockscomb on the head is red like a crown, and looks both mighty and masculine. After other roosters were gradually disposed of, this big rooster even flew inContinue reading Color wounds

Autumn night

[REVIEW] I think there will be anything, that makes me difficult to sleep in.Maybe I do not say, you’ll pretend I do not know, but if I say, more afraid of their own ignorance.Autumn ignorant want to pass through this endless darkness, through which rain.(A) further away from the cicadas, the fall of the SouthContinue reading Autumn night

3-second hug

The day before yesterday, Chi Xin friends came to my office and said he particularly pure love story and the Business Hours.    Chi and students are oct Business Hours.Business Hours one year younger than Sim Chi.Xin Chi said he has been as delicate as the lotus, dignified, quiet, elegant, beautiful heart Business Hours.Xin Chi later learnedContinue reading 3-second hug

Drunk US autumn

It was described by autumn, like a messenger came to earth quietly.Instant thousands of plants begin to wither, gone Yuhi shallots.When ripe fruit falling from the canopy unattainable, adding to the joy of harvest Jin Qiuping.Autumn winds, red and yellow leaves falling eloquent, as if lightly girl dancing light, just like the twilight of anContinue reading Drunk US autumn

Do not send me

Do not send me the students, so the last time you called, because time is about to become the title of Ladies or Gentlemen.It is midnight, tomorrow or yesterday.The last time I lay spread, leaning against the bed.Yo fans still shaking his head, whistling no use, air is still hot, the mood is also moreContinue reading Do not send me