Full, happy

When people retire, they have more and more leisure time, and the personality of living, jumping and loving makes my life more and more rich and colorful, and happiness lingers in casual silence..     I am a busy life and naturally like to be busy. If I don’t do things all day, my bones will hurt.Continue reading Full, happy

Fall wounds

It takes a great deal of courage to write down this sad season.   Outside the window, autumn has already disseminated mountains and mountains into a red-yellow landscape. Day, no cloud, empty heartache. The red maple leaves reluctantly leave the branches at the request of the wind and are planted on the ground in a whirl..  Continue reading Fall wounds

Dust years

misty rain and misty rain. Outside the window are banana forests and litchi forests that can’t be seen at a glance. The green belts near the roadside are all kinds of unknown flowers and plants, red, yellow and pink, all the more charming in the rain..     Bauhinia flower is the only flower I know. It’sContinue reading Dust years

Corn poppy

Like a person, a thing or a matter, there is no need for a complete reason or clear reason to follow, as if previous life had touched with it, but it is still unfinished and the fate has not yet been settled. It is doomed to be like the same in this life and continueContinue reading Corn poppy

Childhood dream

Full of excitement, excitement, sadness and guilt, I came to Camel Island, my former hometown, hoping to relive countless childhood dreams that haunted my mind..     Camel Island, located in the northwest of the Five Islands, covers less than five square kilometers and is the smallest of the Five Islands.. Seen from the front of theContinue reading Childhood dream