Buddhist culture in Shanxi Province

Ancient Chinese religious culture, mainly Buddhist culture and Taoism culture.In the garden of Chinese religious culture; Shanxi exceptionally brilliant eye-catching.Buddhism is the late Western Han Dynasty, the early Eastern Han Dynasty gradually imported from India and China, Taoism is the ethnic and religious formation developed in the Eastern Han Dynasty on Chinese mainland.Whether Buddhist orContinue reading Buddhist culture in Shanxi Province

Buddha tears

Once upon a time there was Minghuan Luqiu Yun woman suddenly give birth, birth to a baby boy.Eventful people to report this to the official Luqiu Yun adultery, and that the baby is also wild species.County magistrate immediately sent to Luqiu Yun official detention for questioning.County magistrate asked: bold trouble-making, someone will tell you privateContinue reading Buddha tears

Buddha said,

Buddha said: everything for good, after all, the successful Buddha said: good and evil eventually reported, everything is nothing I waited laity, thousands of distractions that can not sense the contradiction layer out of the deep mysterious so I waited labor trivia living, tired; not like Buddha dignified, quiet, empty stomach can live out theContinue reading Buddha said,

Buddha and terra

Previous years, Jingyan out of a craft superb master mason.He jerk, sixty years old, but confiscated a disciple.When someone to worship him as a teacher apprenticeship, he always excuses, refused to receive.  One day, the old mason saw a young man sitting in front of six or seven dozen pig trough.His left hand drill, hammer goodContinue reading Buddha and terra

Buddha and lion

In the evening, goalkeeper Jiang bought a beef sauce, remember the last time the Lions woke up early, it was certainly adulterated anesthetic, anesthetic bottle to see if there mostly, simply put it all on beef.  Wait until the middle of the night, goalkeeper Jiang has gone deserted look around, they quietly went to the cornerContinue reading Buddha and lion