Drunk US autumn

It was described by autumn, like a messenger came to earth quietly.Instant thousands of plants begin to wither, gone Yuhi shallots.When ripe fruit falling from the canopy unattainable, adding to the joy of harvest Jin Qiuping.Autumn winds, red and yellow leaves falling eloquent, as if lightly girl dancing light, just like the twilight of anContinue reading Drunk US autumn

Do not send me

Do not send me the students, so the last time you called, because time is about to become the title of Ladies or Gentlemen.It is midnight, tomorrow or yesterday.The last time I lay spread, leaning against the bed.Yo fans still shaking his head, whistling no use, air is still hot, the mood is also moreContinue reading Do not send me

Dead of night, water

REVIEW terraced rice paddies fragrance, a cappella birds, butterflies Manwu, clear voice.That spring we bid farewell to the soul fortress stick gently back pack and began to chase the dream farther, so a rainy day each.  When submerged Xuanrao quiet when the lights are dispersed dark dawn, when the wind outside the window again ruffled hair,Continue reading Dead of night, water

Corner you

No one told me that spring is coming people watching the bustling streets, perhaps no one can make you stop, perhaps only one person can make you stop,.  The world has called an old lover’s call, who is none other than the world’s new love old love.  I promised her to write the text, like Haruki Murakami.  ThisContinue reading Corner you


This year’s rainy season came early for that, listening to the rain outside the window kept Lili, inexplicable feelings of apprehension, think about the next three days in a row, depressed mood, such as the rain outside the window, mercilessly beat Inter in mind.In order to calm the mood, extracted from the packet lit aContinue reading Chunyu.ruthless

Beitun go to see snow

Beitun snow, it has always been colorful, fascinating and charming, colorful and known.When winter comes, like New Year’s Day bumper year thanks to visiting friends and relatives, as wave and wave, cordial, warm, natural.She sometimes anxious wind, sometimes slow water; sometimes light as a feather, sometimes as heavy as gold; sometimes make you love toContinue reading Beitun go to see snow

Bamboo rhyme

Accompanied with bamboo, let yourself forget the mundane world, looking at a piece of bamboo, elegant charm, jade tree, the heart will increase the infinite poetic.Whether rain, such as Lan, breeze or the setting sun, the rhythm of bamboo will do now.Bamboo engaging manners in literati vivid pen Qing Ling.Tempting to see a piece ofContinue reading Bamboo rhyme