Homemade Braised lion head is like braised lion head is a very well-known dishes, delicious delicious, by many people like。 So, how do braised lion head home following on with small series went to see homemade Braised lion head right。 Homemade braised lion head of practice materials: pork, water chestnuts,, garlic, onion, pepper, soy sauce, cooking wine, starch, chicken, oil。
step 1.Wash pork, chopped meat, standby。
Wash the water chestnuts, peeled stalks, chopped Similarly, alternate。
Peeled garlic, garlic cut standby。 Onions washed, cut green onion, standby。 2.The pork meat and minced water chestnuts mixed in a large bowl, beat eggs, egg whites are added to the bowl, followed by addition of pepper, cooking wine, salt, dry starch, hand grasping uniform, and then stirred along a direction to pull its weight with chopsticks。 3.Then take the stuffing Yong Shounie into several equal sized meatballs, spare。
4.Multi-point oil is added to the pot, after the thermal oil into meatballs fried in oil until golden brown, remove and drain oil, spare。 Homemade Braised lion head 5.The pot of oil poured out, leaving a small part, add garlic and saute, then fried meatballs into the pot。
6.Add the right amount of cooking wine, soy sauce, then add water, amount of salt, the fire to boil, change simmer over low heat 20 minutes。
7.Adjusting a bowl of water, starch, starch into the pot, add chicken flavor, dish pan after thick soup, sprinkle it scallions。