I traversed the city seems to have martyrs cemetery, but also on the hilltop home of South Phoenix revolutionary martyr monument, memorial modern times against the reactionary forces at home and abroad as well as for national liberation, people’s freedom and happiness at the expense of the Phoenix martyrs.    Every Qingming or Chongyang, someone hand Bong Su-hua, Beiqian remain silent, hanging read these martyrs have been far was in Loyal.Gently touch with those illustrious name engraved on the tombstone, the heart will feel solemn and awe, some written Tian Moumou, Moumou some written, some written on the tomb of the martyrs of Anonymous, that never fade red tombstone handwriting and rough textures, to tell people, lying inside an unsung hero, a loyal bone footer.How there is no name yet?Some doubts and across the trace of sad astonishment at heart, I know that in many parts of our country have this Tomb of Unknown Soldier, but I have not really thought about it nameless martyrs during his lifetime soldier drills, and battle the enemy should have names place of origin, why after the sacrifice of it actually unknown?    Think it is a battle was very tight and very cruel, desperate grappling with the enemy, martyrs strikes, fought in a hail of bullets, grenades are flesh and blood, bombs, shells torn to pieces, and then floating down like rain, like, their bloody red azalea, their flesh and bones scattered on the foot of this piece of every inch of land.After the end of fierce fighting, sweep the battlefield, people they never found the body intact, even brothers and their comrades, they could not distinguish the original, only those torn piece was footer, or a hand or a leg or a bone buried in the ground, only a common name written taboo “anonymous martyrs” on the tombstone.So they entered the ranks of this extremely tragic, forever buried in this Aoyama arms to form the world buried nameless.    In fact, not only is the unknown unknown.The flames of war in those countries and to the nation at the expense of, with the names of the martyrs, and now how many people can remember them?For most people, they are anonymous, the name on the tombstone may be just a symbol, a verification, to tell people, so some people used to have for the country for the people, blood sway here, down here fighting here.After people remember Jiguang, Dong Cunrui, Qiu Shaoyun, Langya Five Heroes representative of these heroes, these martyrs identified by name, indeed Anonymous.    Already dispersed the smoke of war, we can still see those images of war from thrilling TV drama, literary and artistic works, even if stripped of real perception, but still hot blood.Would like souls in these tombstones, then it is what a heroic, perhaps they are still a playful spirit Shaonian Lang, has not been the best time to enjoy life, maybe they just become the bridegroom, but also indulge in the sweet wedding, Maybe they just a father, not enough time to give the child a name, perhaps their home as well as gray-haired father and mother, waiting for them to maintenance later years, because of the war, they bid farewell to their families, far from home, carry guns into battle, to protect the family Patriotic.Zheng Chen set foot on the moment, it has been clear to go this indefinitely, may never come back.To greet the victory, assault horn, so that they hesitate to go forward, flew into the merciless fire, it is a kind of spirit, it is a kind of tragic?The smoke cleared, bloody, corpse over the mountains, the martyrs from the moment into eternity.    According to incomplete statistics, died in the Sino-Japanese War, the liberation war as many as several hundred thousand soldiers, how many nameless heroes of this huge number, there?Divine everywhere loyal bone, their lives dedicated to the country dedicated to the nation, their ordinary life and great guns in it to a halt all of a sudden, no longer able to stand up into a new China, then went into the beautiful today.They want to be lying in these mountains, his face with a happy smile, overlooking the land of freedom and happiness and to whom they fought, proud watching them in exchange for wealthy and strong country today happy with their blood and lives life, heaven, souls of the dead can rest in peace.    These are your most lovable people, defending the homeland and build a steel wall, is your most courageous of these people, get rid of the shameless bandit, who is your most fearless against all that dare to invade invaders.Write your story in the annals of the republic, your deeds were descendants of pious reading a chapter.    From ancient times, from war to peace, how many anonymous rise to throw the head of the Chinese nation to shed blood, those soldiers in the war’s fighting under the iron heel of those relief, torrent rushed, 烈火中永生 olive green, as well as those unknown dedicate their own labor, youth, and even the lives of people in various positions, they are nameless heroes, they are the stars of light but no name in shining stars.Are you sway of blood, only in exchange for the peace and happiness of life today, is your indomitable fighting, only to straighten the backbone of the Chinese nation, then the United States you can not overflow word also praised the great achievements, no amount of calling, will not lead back your quiet soul, you famous but unknown, nameless but you famous, your name is written in the mountains and rivers of the motherland, written on every inch of land, people write in heart.    Anonymous, in fact, you have a common name, the name of the martyrs, the soldier named.Piled into a martyr tower your name, your name dyed side flag fluttering in the wind, your names make up the magnificent national anthem loud and clear notes.    Hong Chung Yeung Festival, and let me holding a bunch of flowers in my heart Su, crown ye —– Unknown Soldier, immortal soul and the same in the Republic.