Assan left, and on that day, a friend told me. I suddenly short-circuited my brain and somehow typed in the past? Is that Assan? Is that Assan who spent a winter with him? Is it the lonely Assan singing? Is it my Assan? Yes, yes, it is this Assan who accompanies me with her voice and has been accompanying me in the dark, leaving and leaving forever.. She took her voice away. She took away memories of me and loneliness singing. However, she still has something she can’t take away. She will never take away the warmth and peace of mind brought by her voice..   Assan left, I cried and searched for her songs online, stubbornly learning to use her posture and her voice to interpret those songs, or, in other words, those moods. Listen to the leaf bill, listen to the tender compassion bill, I bite my lip and engrave these sorrows word by word..   Your gentle compassion made me not know how to face the tears that can no longer give me any comfort and stop me. Your gentle compassion made me not know how to regret that no change can ever heal my broken heart. Did you leave because you were tired? Heartbroken, waking up, so you have to leave?      You listen to loneliness singing softly, hard singing is so cruel that you can’t help but cry into a river. You listen to loneliness singing softly, crazy sadness is getting deeper and deeper. Who can help make it stop? Who can help make it stop Assan? Is it too tired, too lonely? No one helped you stop, so did you choose to leave?   Assan, heaven, will there be lonely songs waiting for you?   Assan, can loneliness really sing?   Assan, did you hear that I was singing lonely songs?   Assan, thank you for your loneliness in singing.   Assan, I will be fine in the future, because I won’t feel lonely any more with your loneliness singing..   Goodbye, Assan, accompany your songs as well as your loneliness.[ Responsibility Editor: Light Blue Cloud[ Original ]