According to legend, Anhui Province Lingbi Zhong Nanshan foot home to a large family name.Although the Bell family home is large, it is only because many relied spawned, hard work, accumulated a number of mu of paddy fields, just a barren hill.Plus days of chivalric Zhongjia Ping, sparse financial relief, attracted by the surrounding despotic landlord and honest man or exclusion of impoverished people reading the defected.Nanshan foot gradually hilarious.As populations grow, more built thatched cottage, fence hospital, then into a large estate.In the words of an early Tang Dynasty, 10 minutes north of Lingbi eldest son tied the knot in a mountain famous for beautiful lady.Goodly lady born too mundane, delicate skin, gas if the orchids, untold gentle, pleasant.Zhonggong Zi born too tall lean, jade carving a face like a remote control is a masterpiece of work, a pair of golden-brown eye pupil shining bright Jinmang.Nice sweet loving couple’s life.A year later day, blue skies, sunny.Suddenly, a bolt of lightning jumped out from behind the clouds, sparkling in people’s eyes a moment and then no trace.Then a burst of thunder, deafening people.All of a sudden, the day was just torn a hole as rain drove down down, the space is woven into a network of continuous rain, it has become the world’s water everywhere.A moment later, the village became a sea of Nanshan in a precarious boat.The village bell master quickly organize middle-aged males, take shovel to take shovel, plow carry carry the plow, fast four weeks in the village built up a winding dam.The villagers had only one thought: stop flooding, keep the village!.When people rush battle the floods, the eldest son of Chung family room, sounds of high-pitched crying, straight shook had a chance to breathe the breath of the middle-aged man deaf ears, head dizzy.Birth, birth!Qin Ma old servant excited voice, also stumbled into everyone’s ears.A moment later, storm, flood gradually down the river.Bell Classic holding infant baby, blessed with love.Baby and what a delicate features, a large head with sharp corners, blink blink big ears, big eyes roving, plump mouth, is very pleasing.Bell master taking a closer look, a hand suddenly Yang, heavy shot in the back after the baby is old Zhong species.You want to be like nine lion as brave invincible, getting rid of; you have to like a lion’s head as nine, intelligent, sensitive, assisted kings to rule the world.Echoed again and again the old housekeeper beside right, right, right, little son is Avatar, warrior reborn, a more appropriate name Kui.Zhong Kui was born, he gave greater incentives to Zhong.Home and Yip Hing, Nanshan village more and more prominent, he became well known for the large village hundreds of miles.Under the strict discipline of the master clock, Zhong Jiagong child along with bell Courtyard poor young man who, in the front yard during the day copybooks reading; at night, then pregnant nursing homes under the leadership of teachers’ skills, practicing martial arts.Courtyard bell boy who had all got too raw, text can talk about On the Road, Wu can get the gun dance stick.In particular Zhong Jiagong sub-Zhong Kui, although the sound archaisms is a scholar, looks light skin muscle slide could not help but wind and rain.However, looked thin, you will find that he was born a reigns momentum of the King, the people all the time does not imply an ugly forces of shock and awe.Thirteen or fourteen of age, will be able to recite the classics; when leisure pastime, not to a few kilos of stone mill grind down the middle of the field picked up, side yard is to grow crooked willow, locust tree uprooted.So amazing boy, embraced by the extremely small partners.Zhong Kui by nature gentle, unassuming and never.Even a small teasing by the partners, but also generous Hey smile, or to seize a small partner aloft, then gently put down, which also has a small partner scared half to death.In the words of a Lantern Festival, Nanshan village years ago for good weather, bumper harvest.Lantern Festival night, bright, an enjoyable.Bell classic drink happy, ordered, little children can go to the nearby city of Lingbi to see the world, to see carnivals.Got good news, small partners surrounded Zhong Kui, excited shouting, shouting, pushing and shoving each other and ran out of the village.This year’s Lantern Festival, is Lingbi County Deputy Zhang was hosted by master Zhang Pa.The master Zhang, the county that several silver number, meter shop, there are acres of rural farmland, is a typical rich side of the rich.Can be chosen so that rich family, but only one day only child Zhang Yao.Zhang Yao was born thieves eyebrow Shumu, take-bandy legs, waist frog.Filled with rice warehouse, cellar filled with money, Zhang master wondering to show off in front of folks who show off their wealth, earn the sort of face, they get together with the office of the Lantern Festival.Zhang Yao-day naturally will not miss this great opportunity to hang around, with a group of son of brother Master, street after street, designed to pick crowded places.Not a pat on the ass big girl, is squeezed small daughter’s arm, drew waves exclaimed aloud, happy to hang around dancing buddies.Yuanjialuzhai.In the red lotus lanterns one, Yao-day discovered a stunning woman.See in that woman, blue scarf, a pale pinkish gray jacket, boat shoes, red, purple skirt; mouth oval face, silkworm Crescent, slightly at the nose, cherry.Straight see Yao-day saliva DC, want to pick clutched in her hand and in your mouth.Zhang Yao enjoyed days of the day refused to take a lantern crowd, hands and feet of the girl, want to accomplish something good.Big girl small daughter next to the scandalous behavior of this sudden scared to flee, there’s crying father, there is shouting mother; there get lost shoes, have torn skirt streets a mess.Nanshan village of little friends are surrounded by a revolving door, study lamp nobody push how it will go, I heard yelling in front of a burst, chaos.Sharp-eyed high-Zhong Kui, first of all in front of ugly scene Miaodao.Suddenly fire, I saw him, eyes Yuan Deng, erect hair on the temples, his fists clenched slightly right slightly right ring, double pedal to get dusty earth.Stop, heaven Sheng, scared Yao-day covered a shiver involuntarily let go.When he looked intently, in front of a pale-faced scholar dare bad its good, suddenly the evil side of the gall bladder of Health.Do not look at Yao Zhang Ze Yang could not be everlasting, but he had a powerful and influential father, the family home-care hospital retainers light there are a dozen.Nan Quan taught there, the legs have to teach the north, there will Shaolin Kung Fu, Wu-Tang Clan has even Kongtong school he was also a father to raise.But he grew up in martial arts circles, the other not, fist kung fu is very amazing.Lingbi huge city, who did not know Yao-day, who would control Zhang Yao-day big deal?Weekdays, the renowned Zhang Yao days, did not not slip while walking, and even today some people dare 太岁头上动土, damn impatient to live.Just at that moment, with the sound of a burst of piercing, a shadow of the side doors straight from the door.Resting on ordinary people who wanted to hide, it is too late.Today may encounter is a narrow little brother Zhong Kui, Zhe Yiquan not easily escape, Norway lighter half pace, reaching Qinzhu lightning-fast fists.Zhang Yao day is not a vegetarian, captured one hand, the other hand also followed went straight to the temple on the right doors to fight.The punch if succeed, or dark crimson red hot acid on the head, whether salty, will roll out together.In boxing seems to not yet reached occasion, Zhong Kui rapidly extended his right hand, pull out all the stops, and firmly seize this deadly fist.The excitement of playing above, the following are pitching.Hands out of the question, Zhang Yao angel out of the martial arts of the people most despised underhand, knee lift to the top of the lower body of Zhong Kui.Zhong Kui was incensed.I saw him, leaving his left arm, dodged the enemy’s knees, shining Zhang Yao-day leg room to move fiercely kicked down.Just listen to the plop, twice Oh, Yao-day pounding down, blood from that pipe loose bloomers bubbling out, had a full leg, broken into two parts at once.See got into big trouble, young Zhong Kui was scared transfixed.Nanshan village of small partners quickly pulled the doors bolted away.