Good winter, the cold is to design, manufacture cold, cold output; let you biting cold, cold chills straight, not close cold winter.These cold, sometimes extremely crazy, reckless, his best means to make it difficult for us, affecting our quality of life.Face cold, there are always some kind of active objects around us, helping us to resist cold, warm our daily trip, do not let us in the cold cold wronged.Brazier, hot pot, warm bed — these two extraordinary items and original is the case, they are unpretentious, dedication, silently, without fuss, creating the charm of ancient and authentic warmth.Close them, I found myself hot.They not only let us enjoy winter sweet, tasting the delicacies of the winter season, but also to the initiation of spring wedding.    Brazier, has always been taking temperature tool.The north wind blows snow of winter, the fire that filled the basin is the people closest companion.Bring a chill ran, surrounded brazier children, bake it frozen hands and face.Brazier photo red face sitting, sitting in a warm by the body, sitting closer to the heart, and even cats love sleeping curled next to a brazier.I remember that years of material deprivation, cold days of winter frost, frosty, goes back to my house; facing the cold attacks brazier is the best helper.Early in the morning, in the kitchen after breakfast with a good wood fire then shot to put out the flames Zaotang picking out, fill in the ash had put away two and a charcoal still billows of smoke above the (of course, this is also the self-made charcoal ); last nip hot ash layer, tapped, can be used for heating the.Brazier and also frozen roasted pears, sweet potatoes, potatoes, soybeans, corn, baked rice cake, hot meals.It is really a multi-purpose.Home to the guests, but also the first greeting guests with the brazier to push the precursor cold, and then use the chopsticks tucked inside the fire coals to the guests cigarette lighter.Everyone sitting around the brazier around while constantly Fannong barbecue, peeling out while eating, while chatting, family gossip, anecdotes, enjoyable.Tim personally pay the brazier fire, roast from the feet, smelling hand, warm up, then bake warm cold day.Ordinary brazier pass a simple truth: the action is good medicine to cure helpless, and hesitation, procrastination will continue to nourish frustration.    Since re-warm, often rely on their own hands.    On the origin of hot pot, there are two versions: one is to say in the Three Kingdoms period or era of the Emperor “tripod” is the predecessor of the pot; second is that pot began the Eastern Han Dynasty, unearthed in the “bucket” refers to the pot.Visible hot pot in China has 1900 years of history, there are records Sichuan hot pot early in the Zuo Si “Ode” in its history is also more than 1700.Cold winter, hot pot has become a good friend of the people.    Hot pot, scholars have also fond of.Yi Zhongtian on products too hot, first focus on the “culture”: hot pot hot, said, “affectionate”; chafing dish round, meaning “reunion”; hot pot soup water treatment materials, said, “killing with kindness”; fondue not refuse Hunxing, never too cold plain, with North and South, regardless of the material, seasoning not resist something, delicacies, seafood and freshwater fishes, when the vegetables, tofu, noodles, generosity, all can wok, said that “the world economy”; hybridity hot pot with meat and vegetables, all kinds of tastes, ingredients ingredients, flavor with penetration, but also a manifestation of “the beauty”.Most reflect the pot “meal in a pot with” This one profound sense intuitively, can be said to be truly a “total eclipse”.That kind What’s more, this “total eclipse” and never with any mandatory, and everyone can choose any of their favorite hot Ingredients and eat, is described as “both unity of will and personal ease of mind,” the lively situation.So, north to northeast, south to Guangzhou, Xi Ruchuan Yunnan, east Jiangsu and Zhejiang, almost no one does not eat hot pot.    Easy Tianyi products product again, it would be for the pot, there has been a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the system: “pot is not only a style of cooking, but also a way of eating; not only a way of eating, but also a cultural model.”Civilians not so much said, we like fresh pot of hot, we like to use it to bring up a mouth flavor, we like to use it to promote blood boiling, I like to use it to a complete relaxation and laugh.Frosty north wind whistling of the day, people’s taste seems to have dropped to the lowest temperature.Hot pot, not only to mobilize appetite, but also stimulate the heat.Hot pot of spicy, Ma Jin, originated in Prachuab earth, it grows in cold and damp areas.With the increasing pace of work, the constant increase in the pressure to survive, seductive fragrance dispensing pot particularly strong stimulus, very suitable for modern tastes.It will be followed by a new generation tide, all the way from the birthplace of the torrents, throughout the country.Divine Land, so was conquered; life, so it will spring up.Wang Chuan pot waves, surging a blood chamber; hot jets promoting smoke, while trouble lost.Hot pot, the most united appetite, most can stimulate the appetite, mood can best release in hot hot Ma, access to relax.Sitting around the pot, is sitting itchy eyes and touch the hot time; sitting around the pot, is the wake-up energy in the body, it stimulates the nervous thinking.    Since re-warm, sometimes rely on good atmosphere.    Thermal blanket, the most primitive method of heating, but has a warm feeling Zhitou heart, but also a warm dream waiting.A child, no matter how cold it is, is always hot bed is always comfortable, it is the mother body temperature with love Wu hot.Mother the most natural labor, most selfless dedication to overcome the most natural cold, solidified the most simple happiness, not just warm thermal blanket!Today’s children, young people, like drilling warm bed; more like a lazy day to rest in the hot bed with Wu, was called to a quick lunch slowly up the mother heard Shengjiao.Young couple chatting away with rest, like sweet sweet honey Wu bed.    Think about it, the best way to create happiness is to calmly greet one suffering; and the best way to create a miracle, is peace of mind to face life.Perception warm bed, learned perception of happiness.Enjoy a happy, I learned to perceive pay.Pay, you must first stride feet.Then a long way, then far away, can go step by step, step by step closer to a destination; then a short way, not taking the feet, but also within the foreseeable future, can not be reached.    Since re-warm, more rely on perception and sympathy.    Winter frost season, the cold to greet us, challenge us, modernization of electrical equipment replaced some of the most primitive objects heating.Perhaps modern people no longer look brazier, hot pot, heat blanket to warm up.However, you do not have the experience?The thought of these simple method of heating, one of the most primitive of the most simple and warm in my mind, always makes you relieved some of the burden and concerns; the thought of these traditional warm, and warm yourself by the mother obtained a total It allows you to brave through the clutter forward.Once through this winter, sunshine and beautiful flowers will be blowing.