Meanwhile the Japanese government acknowledged the arcade industry, it has become a breeding ground for intellectual property piracy, the black – money-laundering and other social vices hotbed, it needs to be stricter control.We will soon put the existing “Entertainment Control Act,” an amendment to the arcade industry included within the scope of police jurisdiction, and are subject to the law.
  This change will undoubtedly Japan’s arcade industry gradually normalized, the impact on the company’s Orient game is a new game console market in Japan after the required approval by the police department.
  ”The situation we are in Hong Kong and Japan is similar to the East have to play a game company as a business, we should propose ways to learn Japanese Government.Hong Kong also make the arcade and dance halls, night – always the same, into the special administrative police, so to maintain the healthy development of the gaming industry a lot of good!”After the Japanese side to return the latest news, Li Xuan Du Wenjiang called to his office asked Road.
  He thought for a moment and said: “Before our attack on the Japanese newspaper also exposed many deficiencies in the gaming industry.This is an emerging industry, rules and norms is not perfect.In Europe and Japan, for example, belong to the entertainment industry, the film industry has been more mature, have sound rating system.Directors can boldly creative freedom, even bloody, violent, emotional appearance – color, etc., can also classification system, excluding the minors outside the viewing crowd