Sheng Joe to play more and more to look forward to the Republic of China.
  The next morning, she went to “willing-by” shoot his scenes today, any connection with the drama of every staff member seriously explain it again.These days we are in the studio, they gradually heard “East Wind Breaks” actor breach of contract, investment divestment, the crew disbanded, but now Sheng Joe to the past to save the market, we came to understand.
  Chen Dao nothing strange, just like Ming had previously said, as long as you own your role a good shot, no matter what he did, before leaving with Sheng Joe said: “At night there are night scenes ah, do not be late.”
  Sheng Joe should be a.
  Half an hour later, White drove her to the party, “East Wind Breaks” crew.In addition to the main drama for a few actors, staff or other original cast.
  Originally have been doing back home to prepare, the results first winner from heaven with a capital into the group, actor and pulled to a popular flower, since this time with ups and downs like a dream.
  Yang Yun director has been in the studio, and Sheng Joe quickly in the past to greet him, Yang guide smiled and said: “finally have the opportunity to cooperate with you.”
  Sheng Joe laughed: “Thank you, Yang guide favor.”
  They chatted for a few, Meng Xing Shen arrived, the whole creative team to change any connection with the staff of various departments scene met again, so after greeting, Dingzhuang Zhao Sheng beat Joe to go.
  Two sets