So he turned a blind eye to his.
  ”That’s right Zhangzi Xian?”
  Ling side to open suddenly surprise.
  Yu Pei subconsciously looked up and looked out the window.
  Bentley has pulled out of the underground garage exit, he leaned over and exit signs of Zhangzi Xian standing face to face, she stood in the rhythm of the rain, looked at him intently.
  Only a short period of time depending on the moment.
  The next second, Bentley had been diverted to the road.
  ”She is right?It was Zhangzi Xian?”Fang Ling surprised to say:” She and others do?Why not go and so on?”
  Yu Pei back line of sight, turned around and looked for his side to Ling laughed: “It was so dark, I did not see.”
  In the narrow space, Fang Ling to be this mind flashed a smile, her panic to avoid his gaze, drooping eyes fell on his meticulous suit, homeopathic praised: “It’s very body suit with you.”
  Yu Pei smiled and glanced down wrist watch.
  Ling saw his side to the inside of the cuff to expose a vague purple lines.
  ”You still do it?If busy, you can not send my.”Fang Ling to take the initiative to say.
  ”It’s ok.”He looked up, smiled and said to her:” raining bad taxi, I