Sun Qing anger can not stop, “Zhang Bing, what do you mean, where I have done wrong?”In the past in the county, who does not work in private trustee plu深圳桑拿g point advantage?Moreover, the parents took the initiative to food, saying thank him to teach them his son, where he was wrong?
  Zhang Bing ranging answer, Lu Jianxun raise voice asked, “Are you not be thicker-skinned point, you did right?You did right Liu Po ran out of the classroom piss shit you do not care, you are right to look down on rural people to engage in polarization?Sun, you are older that you are not a drag?To me, you’re the capitalist pies, light does not want to take wage work, our production team of educated youth to teach than you teach well, so what you have to se the good?”
  ”you you you.”
  ”What do you?Dumb to speak?Our production team of educated youth is better than you how, not to mention our production team of educated youth, my mother, my sister, my sister, than just what you teach well, and responsible than you, not you hang sell foreign disk dog meat.”Lu Jianxun provocative look at him,” Do you want to believe it, tomorrow with my mom Bibi, to see who is more likely to teach, do you dare?”
  Sun Qing live to this age, have not seen anything like Lu Jianxun this is not common sense out the card, we will immediately call b广州桑拿ack to him with more than teach rural women?What put him as a?
  ”I know you can not, people like you, will have a good luck when the president’s relatives only, otherwise you got into the school on merit?Humph.”Lu Jianxun accentuates his own contempt, ‘I wonder that strange, Feng Valley Township commune lot a lot of youth, how would you pick thi